Maybelline ‘The Blushed Nudes’ Review

I have to say that this palette was a massive disappointment! Given how good the 24hr Tattoo cream shadows are I really expected a lot more from this product!
The top row of shades really take the word ‘nude’ seriously! They have so little pigment you cannot even see them on my skin – either on their own or with a basic primer. You can see the darker bottom row but I had to really layer them up even just for swatches. Pigmentation is really just not there with this palette.
But don’t be tempted to throw it out just yet if you have one lurking in the bottom of your make-up drawer given up on – the darker shades can be saved! I put them over a white cream shadow (I used Rimmel Scandaleyes) and  lo they were viable! Some good primers are pretty similar to cream shadow and may do the same thing.
The pale shades were still pretty much indistinguishable from one another and just took the crisp bright edge off the white cream but that’s just over 50% of the palette now usable, a win if I do say so.
If you’re looking to buy this type of palette I would give this one a pass though. I’d suggest trying out the Make-Up Revolution ‘Neutrals Vs New-Trals’ or the BH Cosmetics ‘Blushed Neutrals’ instead. If anyone wants to see pics or swatches of either of these do let me know in the comments below. 

Do let me know your thoughts!

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