MAC & Charlotte Tilbury Haul

A few pre-Christmas purchases and end of term gifts to myself here, mostly MAC products and one Charlotte Tilbury.

I’ll start with two of the red lipsticks, the much anticipated MAC collaboration with Dita Von Teese and Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘So Marilyn’.



They are both utterly gorgeous! Dita is slightly tomatoey and matte while Marilyn is a darker true red with a satiny reflective finish.
Unfortunately it’s winter and it’s been very dark here of late so I haven’t been able to get any good natural light shots of the colours, here is the best one I could get under electric light:


It doesn’t give a good indication of the colour at all (!) but you can see the very matte finish on Dita and the slight sparkle that pops out of Marilyn. Damned weather! I swear it has rained solidly for about three days here – good job a girl has new red lipstick to cheer her up!
For such bright reds both of them are surprisingly wearable I think, I’ll do some looks with them later in the week hopefully assuming I don’t get distracted by any of these lovelies:


Yes, I admit I splurged! I could not leave the MAC counter without that eye shadow! It’s ‘Ascent of Glamour’ from the 2015 Holiday collection and it is stunningly purple. Purple, if you don’t know me, is my favourite colour in the whole wide world – I even managed to get my wheelchair wheels some purple trim!
The eye liner pot you can see is Chromaline, one of MAC’s pro products, in ‘Rich purple’.
The Holiday lipsticks I got are a burgundy amplified cream called ‘Dark Side’, a matte nude ‘Please Me’ and a matte plum/purple ‘Evening Rendezvous’. I passed up on the bright pink matte which is also available – I think the pink is the only shade not sold out as of now so I must not have been the only one who wasn’t a fan of it!


Left to right in this pic are ‘Dark Side’, ‘Please Me’ & ‘Rendezvous’. I did swatch the plum purple before photographing so it’s not completely perfect in the photo. One thing I noticed while photographing is that the extremely shiny packaging picks up fingerprints like you wouldn’t believe!

And some quick swatches:


‘Ascent of Glamour’


Again left to right in this pic are ‘Dark Side’, ‘Please Me’ & ‘Rendezvous’ with ‘Ascent of Glamour’ given a quick swipe of what was on my finger over the top. The colours aren’t too far off on this one considering the electric light I would say!
Hopefully we’ll have some sunnier days soon and I can do some swatches with some actual daylight – what a novelty.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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