End of Term!

Last day of term today and I just had to make a short blog post about how pleased I am to have completed the term. I have really enjoyed the course so far and am really looking forward to the next steps in January when we’ll start having our first salon sessions with members of the public coming in for us to work on. In January we also have something called “skills week” where I’ll be becoming certified in gel polish, doing an introduction to the media make-up course that I want to take next year and a couple of other short courses.
It’s fantastic to be working with such a great group of ladies and doing something I enjoy – well except maybe the waxing which while I don’t hate it I don’t enjoy it so much either! It’s very hard work (at least for me with my disability) and makes you hot and sweaty.
I was very proud today to be presented with a ‘Student of the Term’ award certificate by our teacher Jane for my achievement and dedication this term.


Well done everyone!

Do let me know your thoughts!

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