Nude Lipsticks

I thought I would do a post about nude lipsticks and take the opportunity to show you a few from my collection that were to hand. There are some here that are favourites and some I’m less than keen on.


I am fairly lucky in that I naturally have quite a neutral skin tone and while I am pale I’m not china doll pale. This gives me quite a bit of scope when it comes to choosing a nude shade.
Many women struggle with choosing a nude lipstick that suits them. I find it helps a lot to look at several all together at once to help you see the base tone of the lipstick. Some are a brown base, some pink and a few more neutral, some are warm and some are cool toned. Looked at individually this can be very hard to spot but grouped together (either in the tube or as swatches) the contrast will reveal the base tone and shade.
The general rule when choosing a lipstick is to to choose one with a similar undertone to your skin, so if your skin has a cool/blueish tone choose a cool toned lipstick and vice versa. Sheer nudes are always easier to wear than bolder formulas such as mattes. I would avoid anything your skin shade or paler – this will wash you out and is not at all easy to carry off unless you have darker skin at which point it is is great if you want to do a 60s inspired look. There were no nude lipsticks around back then and many women used foundation on the lips. Our lips are naturally pinker as the skin there is thinner so it can look very unnatural if they are made too pale for your face.
You can balance out a paler nude lip with a dark smokey eye for a classic look or wear a very natural looking one as part of a no make-up look.


Urban Decay – Naked, Clinique – Nude Pop, Chanel – Comedia, Mac – Please Me, Charlotte Tilbury – Bitch Perfect, TheBalm – Mai Billsbepaid, Essence – 05 Cool Nude, Michael Kors – Diva, Iman – Strip Tease, llamasqua – Test, llamasqua – Rosepout, Revlon – Secret Beige


And the same ones again slightly closer up. Clinique’s ‘Nude Pop’ and Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Bitch Perfect’ are current favourites and I love the Essence offering which is a bargain at less than £3! It’s one of the newer additions to my kit along with the Mac one.


The Revlon one is on the incredibly pale end of the scale and is very hard to wear despite being sheer, this one doesn’t come out very often! Michael Kors ‘Diva’ is very much a your lips but better kind of shade. Illamasqua’s lipstick has one of the most longwearing formulations on the market so there’s always going to be one of those in any favourites list of mine!

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