A Look Back At 2015

2015 has been quite an eventful year for me!

23184033443_08ff8d035c_zI made the huge step of deciding to go back into education in order to work towards the future career switch that I’ve been thinking about for a long time. A switch that will hopefully allow me to work with and around my disability as well as embracing my natural creativity. As a part of this I have met lots of great new people, spread disability and invisible illness awareness, passed all my exams so far and finished the term with an award certificate. Keeping up with everything is hard work and I have to pace carefully but it is very worthwhile and fulfilling.
I’ve had hip surgery and intensive physiotherapy and I’m now on a list for hydrotherapy. I’m determined to really make some gains with regards to my hips and knees. I’m also quite determined not to be an inpatient at Manchester ever again if I can possibly help it – their hospital food was all microwaved individual meals! Call Jamie Oliver STAT!
22965614263_6458f45291_zAnd of course, I also started blogging after much nagging from several of my Facebook friends who enjoyed my beauty related posts and thought I should share them more widely.

I don’t make new year’s resolutions (nobody ever keeps them!) but I do have things that I’m planning or hoping to do in 2016.
I’m planning to continue on at college with a level 3 course, most likely in Media Make-Up and to start work on a portfolio. I’m going to try to work really hard at hydrotherapy with the goal of lessening my pain and subluxations.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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