A New Term

The new term starts tomorrow so I’ve been busy sorting through and organising my notes and making sure my uniform is ready for the morning.
Our tutor promised us a “pamper week” for our first week back – so basically we get to go upstairs to the level 3 classroom and learn a bit about the therapies they do and experience some of them. A nice way to ease us back in to the routine!

This month though I am mostly looking forward to “Skills Week” in which I will do an introduction to the Media Make-Up & Hair course that I am very much interested in doing next year and will also get college certificates in other areas including gel polish.

This term will also see us working on clients/strangers (however you want to look at it!) for the first time – nerve wracking!

I’m off for a relaxing bath, a very basic self manicure (no polish allowed at college) and an early night!

Do let me know your thoughts!

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