Illamasqua Sale Haul

I have a bit of a thing for Illamasqua so when they opened their January sale I was pretty quick to decide what to order!


I might have gone a little nuts?
So what did I get? I got the ‘Complement’ Palette with 4 different eye shades in it one of which is a cream type, a blush duo in ‘Katie’/’Ambition’, precision ink in ‘Havoc’, cream blush in ‘Zygomatic’ and pure pigments in ‘Berber’ and ‘Android’.


I am absolutely in love with all of it and all I’ve done is swatch it so far! 23607661974_e4b8883646_m‘Android’ so fabulously, amazingly┬ásparkly and ‘Berber’ is just so vivid – and that’s dry! I can’t wait to try it wet and see what happens then. The swatch photo is a little blurry as that was the best way to really catch that intense sparkle and even then it does not do it any justice, trust me!

24127837832_b54a40e71e_zThe blush duo contains one very matte blush and one with a bit of a sparkle which is not something you can make out when ordering online and is very hard to photograph, the paler shade ‘Katie’ is the matte.

Swatched left to right, ‘Katie’, ‘Ambition, and ‘Zygomatic’.

Shockingly I didn’t buy any lipstick this time as none of the sale shades I didn’t already have in my collection appealed… you can pick your jaw up off the floor now! For some reason I have totally gone off pink lipsticks of late, not sure why.

Did anyone else get any great beauty bargains in the January sales? Let me know about your swag in the comments or on Twitter.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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