Mini Tutorial: Priming Nail Stampers

Today I thought I would share with you a post about priming nail stampers. When I first discovered stamping my images were very hit and miss, sometimes an image would work and sometimes it wouldn’t. Sometimes an image would be missing chunks or the details just wouldn’t be quite right. So after threatening to chuck it all in the bin I tried some new stampers!
First I got the Creative Stamper from Rainbow Connection and then a double ended stamper from MoYou London. The creative stamper was an improvement straight away, suddenly I could pick up an image with some reliability! The MoYou stamper, however, didn’t pick up anything at all which left me somewhat confused. I mean, they wouldn’t sell me something that didn’t work, would they?
So after a bit of asking about on nail groups and such I had been instructed how to prime that stamper and make it work for me! And now I’m going to share that technique here.


So what do we need? We need our stamper to be primed, a plate, some stamping polish, a scraper and a very fine grade nail buffer (I’m using a two sided one from Leighton Denny which is very smooth to the touch), isopropyl alcohol or nail cleanser, masking tape and polish remover to clean the plate.

This only takes a few minutes and you’ll be glad you did it, even on a stamper that seems to be working well you can make an improvement as I did with the Creative Stamper above.
First make a reference print onto paper so you can see how much your stamper improves as you prime. Then, take the buffer and gently (I can’t stress this enough) pass it over the fr061_0500v1stamper head from the centre out and working in a circular motion around the whole head of the stamper. Once you’ve covered the whole stamper head it’s time to test it. Give it a quick wipe with isopropyl or nail cleanser (avoid nail polish remover as it can damage the stamper) and go ahead and make a print. You can compare this print to one you made prior to priming to see if you’re happy. Clean any excess polish left on the stamper head off with masking tape. If you think more improvement can be made simply do another round with the buffer, clean and make another print.

24295067746_f0e669cb82_z.jpgHere are my prints with the MoYou stamper. As you can see at first it picked up nothing, there was literally nothing even on the stamper head to make it to the paper! Once round with the buffer produced the centre print and twice round produced the print on the right which is much clearer and more filled in.

This gave me the confidence to go ahead and prime my creative stamper too to see if I could improve the images it was producing and once around with the buffer improved it greatly which made me a very happy bunny.

I hope you can make use of this technique too, either to save a stamper you thought was rubbish, to improve a stamper or even to stop you from giving up on stamping altogether!
I’m reliably informed you can also use one of those ‘magic eraser sponges’ that are for cleaning to do the same job as the buffer did.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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