Blue Eye-shadow Tutorial

BeFunky CollageBlue eye shadow is one of the most touted trends for 2016, but it’s also the colour that scares people the most. The colour with the worst reputation (hard to wear, cliche, 70s…) and if you have blue eyes it’s often said that it can drown out your own eye colour rather than complimenting it. So yeah, it gets a bad rap.
So how can you wear blue shadow trend? Obviously the catwalk versions on the left are not for everyone, especially the Chanel superhero mask look! All of the ‘problems’ people say blue shadow has can be solved! People with blue eyes can wear it, it’s just a case of finding the right shade.

For this look I have also tapped into a couple of other forecast trends; colour blocking and24453439256_1b7f67b0de_z
what Lisa Potter-Dixon referred to as ‘Lashed Up’. I drew out the steps for this tutorial on a face chart rather than showing them on myself because photography was just not working in the gloom, I had to take the photos of the finished look standing outside on the porch freezing my bum off! We’ve had snow here and the sky is heavy so we’ve been under electric light a lot indoors.
I’ve tried to keep the rest of the face fairly neutral and minimalistic because I’m trying to show how this can worn by an ordinary person on a normal day without looking like you’ve been eaten by the 70s and also I want you to be free to do what you want with the rest of the face! Everyone these days shows hyper-glam make-up that takes ages to do and lots of product, most people simply don’t have the time for that! This eye look is very quick to reproduce.
I’ve done another close up shot of eyes which you can see just below:


24446554285_80d3337fbe_z (1)For this look I used:
Maybelline Color Tattoo in ‘Turquoise Forever’,
– Maybelline Master Drama Chromatics kohl liner in ‘Turquoise Vibe’,
– Soap & Glory ‘Super Cat’ pen eye liner,
– Jelly Pong Pong ‘Lighten Up’,
– Benefit ‘They’re Real!’ primer & mascara in black.

You will also need a brush suitable for cream shadows as you will never be this precise with your finger even with the help of the kohl.

It’s up to you whether you do your base before or after your eyes, this is very much a personal preference thing so I’m not going to include it in the steps, I’m just going to jump straight in with the eye. Use an eye primer if you want to but if you use the same Maybelline shadow I chose you probably won’t need one – when they say ‘color tattoo’ they aren’t joking!

24381400791_5e338a4de2_mStep one: Take the turquoise kohl liner and carefully sketch out the shape of the colour block using the top of your eye shape and the corner of your eye as a guide. Draw the lines up from the corner and across from the top of your eye. You can go higher for a bolder look. Form a neat right angle where the lines meet.


23836311424_cdc249c750_mStep two: Take your cream shadow brush and the Color Tattoo and fill in the lid and carefully fill in the shape you have drawn with the pencil, going over the pencil line to blend the slightly different colours together (but not going out of the line!)
Create a gentle curve down to the inner corner, following the natural shape of the lid. Let the shadow set.

24438334486_5ccb967429_mStep 3: Line the inner rim of the lower lash line with the Jelly Pong Pong pencil to brighten the eye, this is something I got in my January Birchbox and am really liking as the shade is just right!



Step 4: Now you can go ahead a line the upper lid with the ‘Super Cat’ pen liner and apply your mascara. I applied the primer to both upper and lower and then two coats of black mascara to the upper.

I suggest a nude lip and a touch of blush to go with this for every day, but I think there are dozens of ways you could wear this eye. For a bolder version you could take it higher up towards the brow or if you were feeling very brave you could square off the inner corner as well.

If you have blue eyes and turquoise happens to be very close to your shade you might want to try using a navy cream shadow and matching pencil, New CID cosmetics do a lovely navy blue cream shadow with a bit of sparkle in it or there is matte navy in the Maybelline range. You could also try this look with a good primer and powder shadow though it won’t be as quick to apply.

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