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23768069772_1e6dcd98f7_zI don’t often pop into Tesco so this was a range that had passed me by until several weeks ago when I had popped in to a large store on my way home from somewhere. Naturally, where ever I am, I always drift towards the beauty section to see if there’s anything new or interesting, or anything on a good offer! So this is how I found the Barbara Daly “BD Trade Secrets” make-up range which is exclusive to Tesco. I picked up some of the lip products to have a play with and to share with you guys. I got two of the pure matte ‘lip melts’, one in ‘Graceful’ (a trendy raspberry shade) and one in23850411876_39a7cf2a13_z ‘Independent’ (a deep plum). Both of these are very highly pigmented, glide on smoothly and feel lovely on the lips. They also have surprisingly good staying power. The formula is enriched with papaya and orchid flower extracts which are there to moisturise and condition the lips, and it does feel as though you are wearing something that is good for your lips. I love both of these shades, the plum in particular looks great on me. If I pop in again and see more shades I like I would definitely pick them up, these are more of a lipstick to me than the actual lipsticks from the brand. These come in at £5.99 each, not bad especially when compared to an almost identical (right down to the the papaya and orchid formula) mid to high end product which sells for more than twice that. These were definitely a winner for me.
23248277654_00b6567ce8_zI got three of the regular lipsticks because I couldn’t choose between the shades! I got’Studio 1′ (brown with silver shimmer), ‘Fashionista’ (mauve brown with slight silver shimmer) and ‘Stylish’ (brownish pink – a very natural shade with a delicate silver shimmer, it looks brighter in this photo for some reason). These are much more sheer than the lip melts and don’t stay in place too well which is quite disappointing however I found that when they did fade they faded quite evenly rather than leaving an obvious ring of colour – this may be because they are quite neutral shades though.
I have done some swatches during a brief sunny patch (!), the lipsticks over to the right are shown with24514583286_73468123b4_m two swipes to get the colour while on the left the lip melts are a single swipe. Left to right the shades are ‘Graceful’, ‘Independent’, ‘Studio 1’, ‘Fashionista’ and ‘Stylish’.
Based on the products that I got it looks as though the brand is a little hit and miss which is pretty average for brands at that level of the market. Definitely worth a look if you happen to be in store but worth spending a bit of time reading reviews of the products before buying if you’re not 100% sure.

Barbara Daly
So who is Barbara Daly you might be asking, especially if you’re blessed with youth! Barbara Daly is a make-up artist from Leeds who was very famous in the 1980’s as she was Princess Diana’s wedding make-up artist. She has also worked with models like Twiggy and Cindy Crawford and politicians including the iron lady Margaret Thatcher! She has also worked on a few films including The Shining and A Clockwork Orange.

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  1. I don’t have any particularly big tescos near me so I’m not blessed with the opportunity to try these, I really want to try them though so fingers crossed I come across a tesco carrying them!!

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