My “Intro to Media Make-Up” Lesson

I can’t begin to tell you how enthused I am after this, I can’t wait for it to hurry up and be September already! Today I used wax and fake blood for the first time to create a ‘broken finger’ and a ‘cut’ on my arm, and from the right angles they looked quite realistic! I don’t think they were at all bad for first tries, I can see ways I could do them more effectively next time. I took plenty photos of my work from all angles and thought I would share them here for you all to see, so this is a very short but picture heavy post.
Apparently it’s not uncommon for people making these to get ‘sympathy pains’ with the body part with the fake wound! The eye sees an injury and the brain expects pain and so creates it to fill in the blank! Nice!

If you’re squeamish I recommend looking away now.



Finished piece of work – looks pretty convincing?


As viewed from the top, slightly less convincing from this angle!


This angle gives the game away!


Another one showing exactly what has been added.

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Finished cut. Some of the products used in the class.

I think I might get some wax etc. and start playing at home before the course in proper starts – this was just so much fun!

Have any of you done any SFX work?

Do let me know your thoughts!

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