#NOTD Butterflies & Flowers

I eventually came to a decision, I decided to try out some of the foil from Born Pretty Store as I haven’t actually used transfer foil before. I’m quite pleased with the result too. I added some little gems to certain points in the design to jazz it up a bit, each nail is completely different to the next but at the same time matches perfectly.


I had no trouble using either the glue or the foil from Born Pretty, judging when the glue was ready to go was quite tough because I chose a white background but I got there. As with most lash glues it starts off white and you have to wait for it to go clear and tacky before application. For my top coat I used Lottie London ‘So Gel’ to provide a slightly thicker layer around my gems and help prevent knocking them off as well as to give a good shine. It’s supposed to look like gel polish but to my eye it doesn’t it just looks like normal top coat, it does wear very well though.


This is my dominant hand which rarely comes out as well as the other but it’s looking pretty good with this method. If you want an intricate design like this but aren’t great at free hand painting or stamping I would definitely recommend giving transfer foil a bash.

I think I’ll try and do a slightly more seasonal mani next time though, this is very summery but the weather outside is absolutely frightful! It’s blowing a gale strong enough to bend the trees double.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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