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I pounced on this new range almost as soon as it was released, relieving myself of all the Advantage points that had been burning a hole in my purse in the process. Both the day and night creams contain pro-retinol and sodium hyaluronate – that’s both of the anti-ageing ingredients with some actual science behind them in one product – plus the wonderfully moisturising shea butter and anti-oxidants (science is a bit lacking here) in the form of white tea extract all for a very reasonable price point.


Retinol is a form of vitamin A, which is essential for skin health among many other uses in the body. Vitamin A’s anti-ageing abilities were first discovered when doctors found that acne patients who were being successfully treated with prescription Vitamin A (well known brands include Accutane) were experiencing positive side effects by way of softer skin and fewer lines and wrinkles. From there it became an important part of anti-ageing science.

This cream contains one of the gentler pro-retinols in the form of retinyl palmitate. It’s gentler but also less effective than pure retinol or retinoic acid because once it is absorbed our bodies have to then turn it into retinoic acid (available in absolutely pure form like this on prescription only in the EU – sorry ladies!) in order to use it. The more steps the body has to go through to convert the vitamin, the less effective it is overall. This gentleness, however, makes it a great gateway to a stronger retinol product later on once you are tolerating this one on a daily basis. When using any retinoid containing product it is important that you check the instructions and build up your usage slowly – don’t just dive in!

I’ve been introducing these slowly for roughly a month now and now using at least one of them most days. A month is nowhere near enough time to see any benefit from the retinoid but I am definitely seeing benefit from the overall product and the hyaluronic acid. My skin is softer, smoother and plumper, my under eye contour looks better meaning my dark circles aren’t as noticeable. I’m much less dry in my dry areas although certain stubborn patches are still problematic I’m very happy with the progress. I haven’t woken up in the morning with my oilier areas feeling greasy which is also a good sign. I’m very happy using these and will be continuing on with them. I’ll update you when the pots are empty.

So far I think this is a great moisturiser and a good way for those of us just starting to think about using anti-ageing products to break into them before moving up to stronger retinols later on. If you’re already using a retinyl palmitate containing product and thinking of switching I would consider switching to this one if yours doesn’t contain hyaluronic acid as this one does.
If you’re looking for a stronger retinol do check the ingredients on the boxes of products for just the word ‘retinol’. It must be in the ingredients  – not just on the front of the box! Ideally it will give you a percentage value for how much is in the product somewhere else on the pack. I have heard good things about Indeed Labs ‘retinol reface’ and La Roche Posay ‘Redermic R’. The only thing I would change about either of these creams from Super Facialist would be to include an SPF in the day cream so that you don’t have to use a separate product too.

Update 18/06/2016:

I’ve reached the bottom of my pots and I’m not just planning on re-purchasing, I already have! Only the night cream though as I found I got much more use out of that one personally and I prefer a slightly less rich cream during the day for under my make-up.
During the day I’ve been using the Bandi moisturiser which came with my Glossybox as it makes a great base for make-up and provides panthenol to aid any blemishes I might have in healing up.

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