Rimmel ‘Ruby Woo’ Dupe?

Various internet source give two different Rimmel shades as possible dupes for MAC’s best-selling bright red matte shade ‘Ruby Woo’, so I decided to investigate and see just how true these dupe suggestions really were.

24618451581_82dd82fee3_zThe Rimmel shades most often touted are shade 22 from the Lasting Finish by Kate collection and shade 111 ‘Kiss of Life’¬†Lasting Finish Matte by Kate collection.
Of the two ‘Kiss of Life’ is straight away clearly the closest of the two with it’s alleged matte formula (I’ll come to that in a minute) and far closer shade match. Shade 22 is several gradations of colour away and more of a cherry red, it definitely has strong pink undertones.
Here you can see all three lipsticks together in a line – on camera ‘Kiss of Life’ looks incredibly similar to ‘Ruby Woo’ but in real life with the naked eye¬†you can spot a slight difference in the shade and spot the difference in finish.

The Lasting Finish by Kate shades in the red tubes allege to have a matte finish. They are24346555669_8dcbd58dfc_za
much less shiny than the usual range but they are definitely not matte lipsticks. They still have considerable shine to them and smudge pretty easily when you touch the swatch with your finger where truly matte lipsticks – like ‘Ruby Woo’ don’t move much.
In my swatch photo you can clearly see the shine on the Rimmel 111 while ‘Ruby Woo’ has no shine whatsoever and is a true matte.

On the lips the 111 actually makes a surprisingly good colour match – I went to far to put MAC on the left half of my mouth and the Rimmel on the right to compare! It also has an interesting strawberry-like fragrance, it glides on like butter and leaves the lips quite slippery which the MAC matte doesn’t do. The difference in finish is though, to my eye at least, hugely obvious when applied next to one another like this.

Overall, if it’s just the shade you’re after and you’re not mithered about a particular formula or finish – or would even prefer this creamier smoother finish – and don’t mind touching up a little more often then Rimmel ‘Kiss of Life’ is a decent colour dupe and an absolute bargain. If you want a true matte, get the MAC. But don’t get shade 22 in the Rimmel just because it’s supposed to be a dupe – it’s far more of a cherry shade and is honestly nowhere near to ‘Ruby Woo’. Some people need their colour vision checking, STAT.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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