Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette Review

real-techniques-brush-cleansing-palette-reviewI managed to track one of these down a couple of weeks ago now (took me three branches of Superdrug to find one with it in stock!) and have been using it to clean my brushes – I think that’s long enough to have a good impression of the product so I’m going to tell you my experience with it.

The palette comes with two free sachets of their Real Techniques branded brush cleansing gel which is either nice of them or a clever product placement depending on how you look at it! It will prove a useful addition to the pack for those people who are going to be new to washing their brushes though I’m sure (yes, those people do in fact exist gross as the idea is!) Personally I’ve been using a solid make-up brush soap of late made by Freedom Pro but quite often I will use good old Johnson’s baby shampoo for washing my brushes and sponges as it’s super mild.

The palette itself slips on to the palm of your hand and you work your brushes bristles 24876763676_8e037101f4_magainst the little bobbles to get them really clean, with differently sized bobbles aimed at different sizes and types of brush. This enables you to keep the ferrule dry which protects the glue in there from any water or heat damage and prolongs the life of your brushes. It’s certainly a lot quicker, much more convenient and less messy than going in and massaging the bristles with your fingers. If you have a lot of brushes to wash go and get one, you need it I promise you!

Before this was released I had been thinking of getting the mat that goes in the sink made by Sigma (is called the Brush Spa?) but reviews suggested that water pools where the suckers create dimples meaning you end up soaked when you pull it out afterwards so I’m glad I held on, this little palette is both considerably cheaper and much easier to store away.
24274956144_9c524fc203_mWhen you’re done you can rest your brushes on it to dry if you only have a few, I┬ámay have a few too many for that and I imagine a lot of you will too! If needs be the palette is dishwasher safe so you can keep the palette its self squeaky clean (and hygienic) before storing it away safely ready to wash your brushes next time. A little cloth storage bag would suit this really well I think to protect it from getting any damage – there’s one way to recycle the little bag that comes in your BirchBox!

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