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Rosie for AutographI promised earlier in the week that I would review some of the Rosie For Autograph (Marks & Spencer Beauty) products properly so here goes!

The whole range bears the leaping bunny mark so is good for those who don’t buy make up by companies who sell in China etc.

Eye Shadow Quads

I’ll start with the eye shadow quads, there are four different ones available, all of them are quite neutral toned, Earthy and versatile.

Rosie for Autograph Eye PalettesLeft to right starting from the
top row in this picture the palettes are named “I Feel Like A Million Dollars”, “Deco Diamonds”, “Ballet Slipper” & “Copper Gold Rush”.
 The shadows in all of them are buttery soft, creamy and very blendable. Most  importantly they are also well pigmented – I really like them!

My only complaint about these quads is that they don’t each contain a matte shade so matte lovers like myself may need to supplement them. There are only three matte shades across all four palettes, meaning that “Ballet Slipper” is all shimmery shades. There is another what I’ll call semi-matte in the “Copper Gold Rush” palette which is why some people are counting 4 mattes. The darkest shade in that palette looks like it would be matte but if you look closely you can see tiny bits of glitter, it also has the same slightly more silky feel as the shimmers and doesn’t photograph as flat as the true mattes as you can see on my swatch of this palette (shown bottom right):

Million Dollars Deco Diamonds
Ballet Slipper Copper Gold Rush

Cream Shadow Sticks

Rosie for Autograph Stick Shadow Swatches
Cream Shadow Stick

Cream eye shadow sticks are also available in 4 colours. They are blendable when first applied but once set are very long wearing and last all day without creasing – no primer needed!
I am totally in love with the shade “Feline Fox”, here are swatches of the three of the shades: “Feline Fox” which actually has a mauvey hint to it to my eye, “Movie Star Crush” which is a bronze & “Sparkle & Magic” which is a metallic that utterly defies description! It looks like an antique silver in my photo but it’s got more to it than that.

Lip Products

Rosie For Autograph LipsticksThe lipsticks are indeed, as M&S say “very comfortable to wear”, very creamy with good colour pay-off. Shades here from left to right are “Camisole Blush”, “Lady Rose” and “Silk Rose”. The gorgeous rose gold bullets have a pleasing magnetic ‘click’ when you slide the lid on and the Rosie logo is on the side of the product its self. There are 12 shades in total available in the range, all with the same creamy finish. Definitely one of the prettiest items in the collection to own.

Lipstick Swatches

Swatches in the same order as above left to right.
Out of the whole collection I think “Silk Rose” is definitely my favourite! Sadly there are no matching lip pencils in the range at all which I can’t help but feel is a bit of an oversight. They’ve gone the whole hog and created a very large collection rather than just a little capsule collection – so where are all the matching pencils?

There are however 4 lip gloss crayons called “Lip Glossy”. Sheer lip gloss is not so much my thing but these seemed quite nice when I handled them in store, the shades available are “Supermodel Smile” which is a deeper pink, “My Best Girl Friend” a lovely peachy nude,  “Sweet Nothing Kisses” a baby pink, and “Lights Camera Action” a much brighter pop of coral. If you like gloss these might be up your street, the crayon idea seems to me to be much better idea than the usual wand.

Highlight & Contour

“Starstruck Highlighter” cream highlight stick and the loose highlighting powder are my absolute favourite products in this range, I think I might be  little bit addicted to the loose powder!

Rosie For Autograph Contouring
Cream Highlight & Contour

There’s a complementary cream contour (“Magic Contour”) stick to match the highlighter but this one I’m not such a big fan of, the shade is very warm toned and not well suited as a contour. It will suit more people as a bronzer.
Swatches in this pic L-R “Starstruck Highlighter” & “Magic Contour”. Apologies for my blotchy skin, I was having a very PoTSy day!
The loose powder highlighter comes only in one shade at the moment which is called “Rose Bud”, I’m not sure why the name was chosen as it’s quite a pearly white highlight not a pinkish tone as you might expect with a name like that.

Rosie For Autograph
Loose Highlighter

This is a swatch of the powder, which comes with an ingenious fabric sifter in the jar. You can wear it quite fine and subtle or build it up and really go for it. I’ve been addicted to it ever since I got it!
The final highlighting product in the range (yes there’s another!) is the “Amazing Radiance Cream” which you can wear underneath your foundation, mix into your foundation or even wear it on it’s own if you are so inclined! It works very well with full coverage foundations as they can tend to be a bit flat (I’m looking at you Double Wear…) without at least a good primer and a very good thing is that it doesn’t have any glitter or sparkle in it – so you genuinely can get an all over glow. No wonder it’s sold out online!

Blush & Bronzer

Rosie For Autograph BlushCream blush is available in four shades, “Camisole Blush” (pictured), “English Rose Flush”, “Natures Blush” and “Romantic Flush”.

It blends down to a powder finish but doesn’t look unnatural on the skin. Two of the shades are more natural looking colours while two of the shades are brighter pops of pink to suit different styles and skin tones. It’s a very

“Camisole Blush” Swatch

unusual feeling formula, I can’t make up my mind how I feel about it. You can apply it using your fingers or a brush as you would a regular powder blush.

Bronzer is available in two shades, “Bronzed Beauty” & “Magic Contour”. It’s the same cream to powder formula as the blush. I don’t have them to show you but I will say, I wouldn’t use the one called “Magic Contour” for contouring, it’s far too warm for that on a fair skin tone.

Eye Liner, Mascara & Brows

Last but certainly not least come the eye liners, brow pencils and mascaras. The eye liners are all amazing, both the gel and the “liquid” pen. I can’t get my head around calling pen liners liquid liners – to me a liquid liner will always come with a brush or something that you dip and draw with! A felt tip pen just doesn’t have the same experience for me. That’s a subject for another post! Anyway, the pen liner (available in black only) is very good and you can get a variety of thicknesses of lines with it ranging right down to incredibly fine. It’s very easy to draw with and doesn’t drag at all, I absolutely love it. It’s very good for creating winged styles with.

Gel Eye Liners

The gel liner pencils are also very good, these come in four shades, shown here left to right “Star Empire”, “Rock Princess”, “Envy Me” and “I’m a Fox Star”. I particularly love the glittery and purpley shades, but having worn the black one (“Rock Princess”) all day I can tell you that it stayed put the whole time and did not budge until I removed it that night. Very good performance so definitely something to add to your collection if you love liner. The pencil is a twist up affair and not one you have to sharpen.

Brow pencil is available in two shades, “Natural Brow 1” and “Natural Brow 2”, a light brown and a dark brown. As with the concealer I’m left wondering why they bothered, so many people are left out here.

There are two mascaras in the range, both available in black and black/brown, they are the “Dream Big Lashes” mascara and the “Insta Lash” mascara. Dream Big is all about the volume and the curl while Insta Lash is a lengthening formula and the designs of the wands match the intention. The Insta Lash wand is more spiky to help separate the lashes while the Dream Big wand is curvy. I haven’t tried these mascaras yet but given how impressed I am with the products I have either tried or swatched in store I think I might be adding one to my wish list.


Concealer is one of the weak areas of this collection for me. It comes in only two shades, imaginatively named “1” and “2”! These are not going to suit very many people and neither is pale enough for myself. Why did they bother?

I will never understand why any range of make-up has fewer concealers than it does foundations. For spot concealing it is essential that they match as closely as possible!) Hardly any brands properly match up their foundations and concealers (- on the high street I think only No.7?) There are no foundations in this range, just the two concealers in fair(ish) and mid-tone Caucasian shades seems very strange to me. I would rather they had left concealer out of the range altogether in favour of other things. It could be the most amazing concealer formula in the world, but it’s not much use if the majority of women can’t use it is it?

Well done if you read all of that! Have you tried any of the Rosie products?

Kath x

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  1. I love the packaging, I think I may need to check out the lipsticks – a girl can never have too many lipsticks right? Great review x

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