Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick Review

prod_1187295_1_613x613What’s this I hear of? A lipstick that claims to be “more matte than MAC”? Needless to say, as a lipstick junkie I had to find out if these claims were true!

Avon Perfectly Matte is available in 15 shades and is a surprisingly creamy lipstick to wear, it doesn’t feel at all dry and definitely has some ‘slip’ and movement to it – as a result I would definitely suggest the old blot and re-apply technique to increase wear time as these might look more matte but they don’t wear that way. Which is probably not a bad thing ultimately!

I ordered three while they were on an introductory offer and got them a little cheaper than usual price. I ordered ‘Superb Wine’, ‘Wild Cherry’ and ‘Red Supreme’. They don’t arrive in boxes but in plastic seals with all the info printed on, this almost certainly saves them money on producing packaging and prevents said packaging going straight in the bin when it reaches us so even though it’s not the prettiest thing in the world I do think it’s a 25238834672_05964d1fbf_mvery good idea. The bullets themselves are black with a clear window on the top and a metallic silver band with ‘Avon’ on it which leads into the lipstick tube. They’re very solid and nice feeling for a “cheap” brand.

Avon’s claim that their lipstick is more matte than MAC’s matte lipsticks is based on a laboratory test using something called a gloss meter. A gloss meter measures gloss by shining a known amount of light at a surface and quantifying the reflectance received. Essentially it’s a measure of shininess based on how much light is reflected. In their tests the Avon lipsticks tested lower (ie. more matte) than the MAC ones. To my naked eye there is perhaps a little difference but not a significant amount.
I do think the MAC lipsticks have more even pigmentation and longer wear. Wear time on these was significantly shorter (probably due to the creamier consistency and feel) and they did not survive eating and drinking. When I wear MAC’s ‘Russian Red’ I can put that on at 8.30am and not need to touch up until after my lunch, that won’t be possible with these sadly.
They are nice for the price and come in some lovely colours but if long wearing is what you need save your pennies for the MAC in my opinion. If you want a matte that won’t dry out your lips so much these would be a good choice for you as they are truly matte (not just semi-matte like the Sleek Lip VIP) and not overly heavy in feel.

Here are some swatches of the shades I got and then again next to a couple of MAC mattes, all of these swatches are a single swipe:

25061695530_c79f1281ce_m 25239099322_0a6585473f_m

Have you tried these lipsticks? Can you tell any difference between the two brands in this swatch or in person?

11 thoughts on “Avon Perfectly Matte Lipstick Review

  1. I used to use AVON all the time but haven’t for a while now. I’ve always liked the quality from AVON and these shades are gorgeous! Shame that they’re not very long lasting though. Fab post 🙂 xox
    Jenny | borntoblend.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Hmmmm I’m not convinced they look very drying to me… And the tag line has to ride of the back of Mac’s success to sell… Maybe I’m biased towards Mac though!

  3. I was really impressed with the texture I have quite dry lips and matte lipstick never felt comfortable and made the problem worse. The Avon lipstick was amazing so creamy and wearable, I would gladly apply a few extra times, I actually prefer these over my Mac matte lippys x

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