Beauty Bay Haul: My First Make-up Geek!


I really can’t believe it took me this long to get around to trying some Make-up Geek shadows but I finally did it! I got two regular shadows, two foils and a loose pigment powder shadow. I also ordered one of their contour powders because they are true cool toned contour shades and not just bronzers repackaged unlike many brands I can think of!

24614182143_66beb6c36b_mShadows are ‘Cherry Cola’, ‘Petal Pusher’, ‘Mesmerized’ and ‘Showtime’, the loose pigment I chose is ‘After Glow’.

I’ve got a bit of thing for burgundy type shades at the moment so Cherry Cola is right up my street in this respect, I cant wait to dive into these and see what looks I can create! I think we all know what I’ll be doing with myself tonight… The foils are so beautiful I’m already tempted to order more but that will have to wait!

25214663786_c9a0c85565_mAlso in my parcel was a steel palette for use in makep artistry, somewhere to place products that have been removed from containers with a spatula and somewhere to mix custom shades of makeup. It will come in very handy on Tuesday when I do my colleges ‘Look Based on a Theme’ competition. I’m quite nervous and excited about the competition but whatever happens I’ll be sure to blog about it. Ill be practicing all weekend I should think to make 100% sure I can do it in the time allowed.

Back on the topic of my Beauty Bay order, a free sample of Mario Badescu cleanser and toner were included with my order. The cleanser seems ok and I may try it out but the toner is coming nowhere near my face! I tested it’s pH and it was actually alkaline, only just, but still. It also contains the drying kinds of alcohol in large amounts as do many of the products in the range. For more information about toners see┬ámy ‘Bendy Investigates Toners’ blog entry.

Having Googled the brand I can see that they have been in legal trouble over mislabelled product ingredients and people using the products involved in the case have been left with long term if not permanent damage to their skin. Its not really a brand I can support or recommend especially given that these women received only the price of the creams in compensation.

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