Birchbox March 2016

Mr Yodel left my Birchbox outside on the step again, thankfully the weather today was rather nicer and it was safe and dry but I’m still not impressed!

Birchbox March 2016

This month’s Birchbox theme appears to be fairly vague, I think ‘discovery’ is the best way to describe it. The box comes with a word search printed on the lid and there is a social media competition attached to sharing pictures of the completed word search.

So what’s in the box?

Arrow, Boost Colour Enhancing Lip Balm, RRP £11 (Full Size)
Arrow - Boost Lip BalmA lip balm that adjusts to your own natural skin pH and creates a unique sheer shade. The product its self is light-weight and very subtley minty (a lot less minty than Burt’s Bees lip balms). It seems to take it a minute or so for the effect to happen but it definitely evened out the tone of my lips and created a soft pink colour – a bit like a very delicate application of Benetint in my case. Formulated without parabens for those who avoid them.

Model Co, More Brows in Medium/Dark, RRP £13 (Full Size)

A quick drying brow gel with a mascara-style wand. Unfortunately I received the medium/dark shade which is too dark for me so I won’t be able to make use of this one.

Polaar, Polar Night Cream, 25ml sample
A new brand for me this night cream is enriched with Rhodimenia Borealia – a type of marine algae which is (in the ocean at least) especially active at night. The cream smells addictively amazing and a little bit goes a long way – I’ll definitely be trying this out. I don’t see anything on the ingredient list that screams amazing or awful so I’ll just have to suck it and see.

Beauty Protector, Beauty Cream – Hand & Body Moisturiser, sample with no size given
We usually receive hair products from this brand so I was slightly surprised that this was a moisturiser. The cream its self seems OK but it has the same scent as the hair products which is very sweet, and not really something I enjoy personally. I don’t mind it on some of the hair products because the smell dissipates very quickly but with body products it tends to linger.

Amika, Nourishing Mask, one single use 20ml sachet
Birchbox March 2016A hair mask that claims to seal split ends (yeah right, that’s not actually possible!) and fight dryness. It contains sea buckthorn and jojoba oil and the instructions say to leave it on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. As someone with dry ends I do like hair masks so I will be giving this a go – quite possibly tonight in fact!
Quick update at 22.05pm – Just washed my hair and used this at the end. Surprisingly there is enough for about 3 goes in the sachet even with my long hair! The product smells nice too. It does contain silicone which I know some people don’t like to put on their hair. The instructions on the pack differ from the instructions provided by Birchbox and say to leave it on for 2-3 minutes – I just left it on while I exfoliated, I didn’t time it at all.

Doctor Duve, Anti-Aging and Firming Eye Cream, sample sachet
The full size of this product costs a whopping £115 for 30ml – what the heck is it made of? It does actually have lots of useful things packed in there including niacinamide (B3), sodium hyaluronate in what appears to be a reasonable concentration, ascorbyl palmitate (an ester of vitamin C) and tripeptide 1 which mimics the growth factors involved in the healing process and synthesis of collagen. I’m still not convinced it’s worth over £100 for 30ml though, sorry Birchbox!

Bit of a hit and miss box this month, love the smell of the night cream so will be trying that out right away and would definitely use the lip balm even if it wasn’t fancy as I have dry winter lips! Can’t make use of the brow gel at all so that’s going to get given away and the Beauty Protector cream is sweet and sickly so will most likely also be passed on.

Did anybody get anything different this month?

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Do let me know your thoughts!

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