My Pop-Art Themed Look

25319623380_255660138c_zI created this look for one of my course units at college and wanted to share it with you all, my wonderful model Chloe who gave up part of her day for me was very patient and kept still while I drew on her lower waterlines with eyeliner!

The look is based on the work of Roy Lictenstein which was in turn based upon romance comics from the 40s and 50s. I did make-up on the hands and painted the nails to match as well as creating a couple of two-dimensional props in the form of a speech bubble and a telephone handset. The look was created using everyday make-up products and no face paints – just things you might find in an average make-up bag such as eye liners, shadows and foundation. The face was completed in almost exactly an hour – I was right down to the wire!

25615299525_e15a9cea6d_z Here is a closer view of the face in which you can more clearly see the false lashes, white lower water line to make the eye appear larger and tears on the left (her right) cheek. 25248219699_62d2d8780a_mHere is the hand and nail make-up,
I evened out the colour using foundation and followed the hand’s own natural lines as well as drawing around the edges. I really enjoyed doing the nail art for this.

If anyone would like a tutorial for anything here or a list of the products I used I’d be very happy to post either – just let me know in the comments.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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