GlossyBox March 2016

It feels later than usual this month for some reason – it’s probably just because it didn’t arrive at the same time as the Birchbox for a change though! Anyway, the March 2016 Glossybox is here, so what’s inside:


On immediate opening the box feels a little lack lustre and disappointing I have to say, the full sizes are the highlighter stick from super budget brand Collection and an angled face brush from a brand I’ve never heard of before. This box contains a few new-to-me brands actually – I hope I like them!

Luxie Beauty, Rose Gold Large Angled Face Brush 504, RRP £10.42
25051210614_9b1d4814a6_mI have quite a large collection of make-up brushes so I was interested to see if this one from new-to-me brand Luxie was any good. The brush is OK, it’s totally bad but it’s not £10 worth of brush let’s put it that way. I’m not sure whose idea of ‘large’ it is! You can see it pictured here next to the logo on the box lid… it’s not so big huh? It might be useful for applying powder contour products but you wouldn’t be able to apply blush with it as it’s not big enough to apply evenly. My main issue with it is the fibres. There are hairs around the edges that don’t fit in with the cut, sticking out at random angles – I actually pulled one out it annoyed me so much when I was trying to photograph it nicely! Of course after that I realised I should have left it and shown you how it was beforehand. The tip of the brush is soft but if you touch the fibres anywhere else they feel plasticky – you can an idea of quite how plastic based on the reflectiveness in the box photo at the top of the post. I actually suspect based on a couple of clues that these come out of a particular Chinese factory known to produce for other companies.

Olay Regenerist, Luminous Skin Tone Perfecting Cream, 7ml sample size
This is not a new product to me, in fact I have most of a jar languishing that I really ought to use up but I keep getting distracted by new things! It wasn’t overly oily, rich or heavy as I was expecting based on Olay’s reputation but instead quite light, easily absorbed and left my skin feeling incredibly moisturised and looking more luminous but without feeling or looking greasy.
The product itself has a lovely delicate smell and goes quite far, you don’t need to use very much at all. Still think the sample size was stingy though especially as nowhere sells this at the original £29.99 price tag it was when it first came out two years ago, it usually goes for about £19.99 these days.

Hey Honey, Good Morning Honey Silk Facial Serum, 15ml sample size
A new brand for me they base all of their products around honey and propolis – not one for the vegans, sorry! This serum, which allegedly doubles up as a primer although I haven’t tested that out yet feels very smooth and very little smell to it, what fragrance there is is pleasant and natural feeling. It does contain a silicone (I could feel this straight away when I applied it) and glycerine both of which are popular ingredients in primers so I will definitely be trying it out as a lighter more moisturising primer option assuming it passes my patch test.

-417, Catharsis Vitamin Mineral Shampoo & Conditioner, 40ml sample size of each
-417 are another new brand for me – doing well on the discovery front this box! I was pleasantly surprised to find that they had included both the shampoo and matching conditioner in the box – it feels like an extra item! This brand bases its self around Dead Sea salt and minerals and all of their products contain these in some concentration.
The products smell good – but then weirdly the shampoo does contain a higher amount of fragrance than it does of either Dead Sea salt or water so it should smell nice really shouldn’t it! Both products do contain silicones for those who look out for these. This matching pair of samples are a very handy size for sticking into an overnight or weekend bag.

Collection, Speedy Highlighter, RRP £3.99
25051144674_1a612654d6_mI think pretty much everyone has heard of Collection who re-branded from Collection 2000 a couple of years back. They are a cheap and cheerful, you win some you lose some kind of brand – but you rarely mind if something is a bit rubbish because it only cost a couple of quid! A great brand for trying out something totally new with to see if you like it before investing in more expensive products or for teens just coming to make-up.
I have a few of these highlighter sticks from different brands including No.7 and Autograph and this seems pretty comparable to be honest, the formula is perhaps a little drier so it might not 25054969173_97b416c88f_mlast as long and may take a bit more work to blend. It’s not as strongly highlighty (that’s not a word but it should be!) as the Rosie For Autograph one but is more of a “suits all” tone. The swatch is shown without flash, I took one with flash as well but you couldn’t actually see the product on that one it almost totally sheered out which I thought was odd. I may do a comparison post between the different cream highlighter sticks I have at some point.
Did anyone get anything different in their boxes? What did you think of this month’s box? Was your brush crap too or did I just get a dodgy one?

2 thoughts on “GlossyBox March 2016

  1. I miss my glossy box, I’ve changed to birch box and am disappointed every month as soon as my subscription ends I’m changing back!! Ha!
    ❤️Rhi xx

    1. I think both have been a little lack lustre of late to be honest – that’s why I went a bit crazy and signed up to Look Incredible. I’m still umming and ahhing over what to do about BB and GB.

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