Crowd Colour Palette Review

I signed up to the Crowd Colour Kickstarter campaign several weeks ago and recently received my three personalised palettes and a personalised lipstick as my Kickstarter reward.

My Crowd Colour Palettes

The palettes are like Z-Palettes in that you can store individual pans of products such as eye shadows or blushes inside them and they have a magnetic base for them to stick to. They differ in they have a solid lid with a good sized mirror on the inside and you can choose the design on the outside! You can upload your own printable image or, now they’re open to the public, choose from a library of pre-made designs which you can then customise.

Crowd ColourMy Z-Palette was chocker block so I’ve been having fun sorting out all of my individual pans and shadows, de-potting and arranging by type since these arrived (yes I’m that obsessive!)
I chose three totally different designs for my palettes as you can see, the small one has a Wonder Woman panel on it, the medium has a pin up girl doing her make-up to which I added some cheeky text and the large has my blog logo on it. The images came out very well although I now wish I had chosen a white palette for the large one as well rather than a black one as the dark palette does show through slightly and darken the image somewhat which is something that had not occurred to me might happen while I was designing the palette on the Crowd Colour website.

I found the website very easy to use, uploaded my images and added text with no problems – my main Crowd Colourissues were in choosing my images! I knew I wanted my blog logo on one of them but I was at something of a loss for the other two – eventually inspiration hit though and those were the designs I came up with.

The palettes themselves are very good quality and feel quite weighty (but not heavy) and solid. The printing quality is excellent – of course it’s very important to make absolutely sure that your images are at a good resolution for printing before uploading them to avoid any disappointment. Images found on the internet are rarely of good quality sadly so doing your homework is a must.

I think these individual palettes would make great personalised birthday gifts for any make-up junkie or budding make-up artist especially due to the personalisation aspect – who doesn’t want something totally unique to them? I’m really pleased with mine and I know that when I run out of space again in the future these palettes will be my first choice.

You can get yours over at

Inside my parcel was a 20% discount code to say thank you for being a part of the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been allowed to share the code with friends and on blogs so I thought I’d pop it here on the bottom for anyone who is interested in getting one of these, enter the code ‘THANKYOU20’ at the checkout, code expires 31st March 2016.*
*I am in no way associated with Crowd Colour other than having supported their Kickstarter campaign, this review is entirely my own opinion and this code is not exclusive to my blog.

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