Autograph Eye & Face Palettes Review

Last month I received this fairly large limited edition Autograph eye shadow palette as a birthday gift and while shopping in M&S I picked up two of its matching pals while there was a money off offer on. One of the matching smaller 3 pan palettes is for eyes and one is a face palette containing highlighters and a bronzer.

Autograph Eye Palettes

The palette itself is gorgeous to look at as are the two smaller palettes whose much larger pans are pressed with a design that reminds me of the pattern on a seashell – especially on the paler shades. The packaging is a metallic grey, very modern clean lines with simply the name ‘Autograph’ on one edge of the lid. the only drawback to such beautiful metallic packaging is of course that it gets covered in fingerprints before you’ve even got it out of the box!

Autograph Close-Up
The pattern pressed into the larger pans reminds me of a seashell

All of the shadows in the palette are of good quality and with good colour payoff and blendability, my main gripe about it is that there are only 3 mattes in the palette and none of them is a good crease shade which makes it impossible for me, as a hooded eye lady, to do a look with just this palette. The one dark shade in the palette, while a totally gorgeous aubergine, is unfortunately both a satin and slightly glittery which will make it hard to use for anything other than a lid shade as a part of a smoky eye. The highlight shades in the palette though are really stand outs for me and will come in for a variety of different looks – I often seem to be lacking exactly the right tone of highlight for the brow or inner corner and this palette has several to offer. The highlight shade in particular is what made me pick up the additional three pan eye palette, M&S are really knocking those highlighter balls out of the park recently for me.

As a result of my good experience with their Rosie for Autograph highlighter powder I decided to pick up the face palette too which contains two highlighters, a white one and a pink one that looks like a blush at first sight, and a very shiny bronzer. I don’t tend to use reflective bronzers I always choose matte ones so it might be nice to have that option come summer. Actually when I first saw this palette I assumed it must be another eye palette because it laid out and packaged identically to the 3 pan eye palette but then I noticed that the shades seemed a bit wrong for eyes and looked on the back!

The Swatches

Autograph Palette Swatches Autograph 3 Pan Palette Swatches

3 Pan Eye Palette

Autograph Palette Swatches Autograph Face Palette
3 Pan Face Palette

Each swatch is created with two swipes of product. As you can see the shades sort of follow on from one another in their rows and their columns, I just really wish there was a darker matte in here. I’m in love with the purpley matte in the top left hand corner and it’s bronze neighbour is also beautiful. The gold shade on the bottom row is particularly beautiful as is the gun metal grey. I post larger version of all my swatch pictures over on my Flickr page if you want a closer look at any of them.

All three of the palettes are priced £15 each and available in store and online from M&S.

One thought on “Autograph Eye & Face Palettes Review

  1. The pressed design in the smaller palettes is so pretty! I know it’s a lesser consideration than texture, colour pay-off and so on, but don’t we like our makeup to look beautiful in the hand, too?
    I’ve only recently discovered your lovely blog and want to tell you how much I admire your … (looking for a word that doesn’t sound patronising) … Resilience? Optimism? I hope you understand.

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