Nails Update

Anyone who follows my nail posts has probably noticed I haven’t posted a mani in a little while and I thought I should do a little update on why!

25863121566_e346105e90_mI have been dealing with something called onycholysis or nail separation on two of my nails which has meant that these two nails have been kept trimmed as short as I possibly can get them and I have trimmed my other nails neatly too.
Onycholysis has many causes including different types of infection (bacterial, fungal or yeast) or damage to the nail bed. I suspect that mine is caused by damage to the nail bed through the use of my manual wheelchair as I have not experienced any colour change of the nail or the production of any debris or exudate under the free edge.

While I am looking for signs of re-adhesion to the nail bed and keeping the damaged nails short and dry I have decided not to varnish them so I can see exactly what is going on and generally keep an eye on the situation. All I have been using is a bit of OPI Nail Envy. I might have to borrow someone else’s nails over the Easter holiday to indulge my nail art!

In other nail related news this week, having completed my final practical assessment I have passed my manicure unit at college with a distinction and that is all signed off!

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