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I finally managed to get the two shades of the Rose Gold lipsticks that I wanted from Makeup Revolution – they had been out of stock pretty much since the launch day! I ordered the nude shade ‘Chauffeur’ and the berry shade ‘Diamond Life’.


I only ordered the two shades that I really wanted rather than all of them because I haven’t liked the brands lipstick formulas previously, in fact I probably would not have ordered at all but I had heard from those who had managed to get hold of these the first time around that MUR seem to have improved their formula and these Rose Gold lipsticks don’t have the same frankly disgusting smell and taste as many of their previous offerings. What was that? Play-Doh?

I can now confirm that to be true – hurrah! These have a slight coconutty scent to them which quickly disappears and which I do no not find especially off-putting  – especially having experienced the brand’s previous idea of lipstick “fragrance”. The product goes on smoothly and comfortably – I found ‘Chauffeur’ to be slightly softer and easier to apply than ‘Diamond Life’ though once the latter had warmed up a little it was soon gliding along happily too. Good buildable coverage on the lip from both shades too. I did find that I needed to wear a matching lip liner with this product as otherwise it moved around and escaped at the corners of my mouth – leaving me looking like I had been eating something messy! Still, I hope all of the new MUR lipsticks will be like this from now on and that they might consider changing over the fragrance of their older £1 shades.
For £3 each these lipsticks are a serious bargain and there’s sure to be a shade in the range to suit everyone.

The Swatches

 Untitled‘Chauffeur’  25966532315_882123677e_o‘Diamond Life’

25893087785_c76ac54b03_m‘Chauffeur’ is a very neutral to cool brown nude while ‘Diamond Life’ is a gorgeous deep berry red. Both are high gloss formulas. I took some close ups of me wearing them (without lip liner) so you can see how they look on as well.
I post larger version of all my swatch pictures over on my Flickr page if you want a closer look at any of them.

Also available in the Rose Gold collection are a bright pink ‘Girls Best Friend’ a classic red ‘Red Carpet’ and a grape ‘Private Members Club’.

Have any of you tried the Rose Gold lipsticks? How did you find the scent, did you think it was an improvement?

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