Makeup Revolution Lip Euphoria

‘Lip Euphoria’ is another recent launch from Makeup Revolution that I’m just catching up on. It doesn’t seem to have made it into my local Superdrug yet so, lipstick junkie that I am, I ordered a couple of them online to have a bit of an investigate.

When it comes to MUR their lip products other than actual lipsticks have always been good experiences for me, I really like their liquid lipsticks (‘Velvet Lip Lacquer’) and I’ve had a very highly pigmented red gloss from them that came in set at Christmas so I have high hopes for these!

Lip Euphoria is sold as a lipstick/lip-gloss hybrid product with all of the benefits of both products. So I’m expecting a high pigment, high-shine, non-setting liquid lip product. I ordered the shades ‘Aura’ and ‘Fortune’ based on the website photos – I do like my berry shades!

The product reminds me quite a bit of the Illamasqua intense lip glosses in that it’s a very sticky, viscose gloss product with a lot of pigment. It’s comfortable on the lips and looks absolutely great but does have all of the downfalls of gloss including transfer, stickiness and moveability. I did find that it lasted quite well though – even when having a drink – especially in the darker shade.
It’s a very similar product in many ways to that red gloss I got in the Christmas ‘Colour Block’ set in fact. Overall I’m not sure how often I’ll wear these right now but I like the colours enough to persist, maybe as we move into summer a more glossy lip might be just what I want whereas right now it still feels quite wintery and cold.

The Swatches




25798644881_e5a5e8a800_m (1)I did lip swatches again for these glosses as I liked the way the previous ones came out; I think it’s interesting to see how the shade is affected by the lips’ own natural colouring underneath. Let me know in the comments if you think I should carry on with doing these or just stick to the usual type of back of the wrist swatches in future posts. I don’t want to be terrifying anyone!
‘Aura’ is described by MUR as being rose toned, however, to my eye it has a slightly corally or even orangey tint to it depending on the light which wasn’t really what I was expecting but is still lovely. ‘Fortune’ is a berry red shade.

Have you tried Lip Euphoria? Are you a gloss girl or a lipstick lady?

Do let me know your thoughts!

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