Easter Bon Bons!

This was my Easter gift, the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette! I’m a little late to the party on this one really as Too Faced have released another palette since and have another coming out shortly. I hadn’t actually seen it in real life before receiving it and was pleasantly surprised to find that the bright pink is warmer and less shocking than pictures I had seen had led me to believe.


The shadows, from my short time with it so far; vary wildly in quality and pigmentation. Some are absolutely to die for, amazing! Others however require a lot of work to get any impact at all. I really like the variation of shades in the palette and there are several shades here that will be firm favourites.

25451636554_8393a2034f_mThe chocolate smell to the palette is really very strong and actually quite nauseating. I love chocolate as much as the next girl but the smell is too much for me and I had to do the swatches in batches because I could not sit long enough with the palette open! It’s revoltingly sweet and overpowering, I do hope it dissipates over time. Is it really just from the addition of cocoa powder or is there fragrance in there too? Something for me to investigate!

  • Almond Truffle – mauve toned taupe, matte25990223291_f72a1cf89e_m
  • Satin Sheets – pale pink with a strong gold frost,
  • Sprinkles – pink with gold iridescence
  • Molasses Chip –  coppery bronze metallic
  • Malted – deep chocolate brown, matte with sparse shimmer
  • Cashew Chew – warm beige, satin
  • Cotton Candy – cool pink with slight silver frost
  • Café au Lait – champagne metallic
  • Bordeaux – burgundy toned deep brown, matte
  • Mocha – warm brown, matte
  • Black Current – deep purple-plum with a frosted finish
  • Dark Truffle – deep dark chocolate, pearl
  • Pecan Praline – warm taupe, matte
  • Totally Fetch – fuscia pink with iridescent shimmer
  • Earl Grey – blackened teal, satin
  • Divinity – warm ivory, matte with sparse shimmer

The Swatches

All of my swatches are done on bare skin:


Top Row

Bottom Row
Middle Row

Some of the shades swatched brilliantly with just one swipe while others took 3 or 4 to build up. The gold shade ‘Molasses Chip’ on the top row was one swipe, on the middle row the darker brown matte ‘Bordeaux’ is well pigmented but it’s neighbour ‘Mocha’ was very hard work! ‘Blackcurrant’ on end of the middle row was one swipe and is one of, if not the best purple from the Too Faced chocolate palettes. The pink on the bottom row swatched a lot brighter than it looked in the pan which brought back to mind my initial trepidations about the palette however by this point I have seen enough other beautiful, more easily usable shades that I don’t mind if this is there. Maybe I’ll use it once or twice for more avant garde looks on myself and I’m sure it would look great on darker skinned ladies so it will come in handy there too.
Many of the shades contain a very fine glitter which I could not get to show up on camera so these swatches really don’t do full justice to some of the glittery shades.
Larger versions of all my swatch images over on my Flickr account as usual.

Overall I like the middle row of shades the best with it’s warm brown and matching transition and metallic shades and I can’t wait to create some looks using these.

It’s a well balanced palette tone-wise but in terms of texture it very much favours the sparkly glittery side so if that’s your cup of tea then you might like this palette. A couple of the matte shades contain a fine grade glitter which to mind means they are not a true matte – you wouldn’t put them on a hooded eye except on the lid – leaving only 4 non-sparkly shades in the palette.

Do you have this palette? How have you used it? Please tell me the smell dissipates, it really is very strong! Have you used the fushia pink?

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