Soap & Glory Highlight & Sculpt Cheek Sticks

Soap & Glory have a whole host of new products recently! Many of them are additions to the Kick Ass range and are twist-up sticks for use on the face, among them are colour correctors in green (‘All Is Calm’), yellow (‘Fake Awake’) and purple (‘Just Bright’), a silicone pore filler called ‘Super Blur’ which you can use under foundation or on top to touch up (I’m trying that ‘Super Blur’ out at the moment so I’ll be posting a review at some point), and then this new range of highlighting sticks.
sandgsmlThere are three shades available, ‘Glow All Out’, ‘Wonderbronze’ and ‘Love at First Blush’. I’m not entirely sure where the contouring part of their name comes in as ‘Wonderbronze’ is a warm toned sparkly bronzer as it’s name would suggest rather than a cool toned contour stick. Each shade has a subtitle which suggests that S&G are leaving themselves a window to possibly add more products to this line in future.

All three sticks have highlighting shimmer through them and are very dry and soft compared to other similar products I have tried and did become a little too soft to work with when warm – dispensing too much product and even crumbling slightly. You can see where this happened on my swatch of the bronze shade in particular as it left small darker patches of heavier application in the swatch. After playing with these I was covered in glitter, they are loaded with the stuff – don’t be fooled by the fact that it didn’t show up well on my photo!

The Swatches & Shades

  • 25782663000_0f35501660_zThe highlighter shade ‘Glow It All Out’ is subtitled ‘Ice Shimmer’¬†which is an apt name for this cool toned glow which would look best on paler skin tones.
  • The bronzer shade ‘Wonderbronze’ is subtitled ‘Sundaze’. This is a warm, almost peachy toned bronze shade. I found this was the crumbliest of the three when warm. This shade would look best on medium to dark skin tones.
  • The pink shade, ‘Love at First Blush’ is subtitled ‘Pink Pop & Pearl’. A beautiful rose gold shade. Unfortunately the gold shine doesn’t show up very well in my photo but it’s really quite vibrant – two products in one kind of thing. Would work well as a highlight on darker skin or as a blush on paler skins.

Given the products dryer texture and propensity to crumble when swiping it I would suggest dabbing carefully onto the chosen areas and then blending out with a damp beauty blender. This method will also allow for a slow build up of colour/highlight and make it easier to get it just right for you. They will all produce quite an obvious highlight due the sheer amount of glitter in them so they will be best suited to evening looks for most people although summer, and festival season, is coming!

Are you an S&G fan? What’s your favourite stick highlighter?

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