Revlon “Matte” Liquid Lippies

25882681550_88e8925396_zI was quite excited about a big name brand releasing a matte liquid lippie, you can imagine my utter disappointment when I get my hands on it only to discover that not only does the product not dry at all but while making this product they seem to have totally lost their dictionaries or forgotten what “matte”means!

I have sat with swatches on my hand for some considerable time both in the store with an assistant who was equally baffled and at home comparing to the drying time of other brands both cheaper and more expensive by comparison. I also found the product was very easy to remove in comparison to regular liquid lippies which often require quite a bit of effort to remove. The non-matte Rimmel Provocalips for example is very long lasting and hard to remove, A+ to Rimmel!

The swatches


Unfortunately ‘Seduction’ is missing from my swatches as my local Superdrug had not received this shade in their delivery to sell! This is my in store swatch as I I did not wish to splash out on a product that failed to live up to it’s name so terribly. I have bought only one shade ‘Addiction’ because I really liked the colour (the colours are gorgeous, in fact I think the only shade here I dislike is ‘Love’ because it’s a bit orangey) and also so I could properly see if it dried when left longer at home.

My Drying Test

I constructed a drying test with 3 lower priced matte liquid lipsticks and 3 high end ones for comparison. Even after 30 minutes the Revlon lipstick was still shiny and wet to the touch, smudgeable despite applying the thinnest layer I possibly could.


Larger version over on Flickr. As you can clearly see in the close up, the Revlon is shiny and wet by comparison to the Kat Von D and MUA lipsticks either side of it. All of the other lipsticks dried fairly quickly and perfectly matte.

What gives Revlon? Your matte balms are great, bang on the money but what on Earth happened with these?


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        1. Yes, likewise if you do find yours dries properly, is matte and doesn’t smudge all over the place (or even just one of these?) I will share your link xx

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