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I pre-registered with plenty of time so I could share the full experience of Manchester Made Up with all of you lovely readers!

I went on the first day (yesterday) and spent a full day in the Arndale between joining in with the activities and doing a spot of shopping – I’m pretty exhausted today as a result and having a well deserved pyjama day! If you have an spare spoons send them this way.

26159032096_cdc4b0120f_mIn the Exchange Court area of the shopping centre they had set up an area with make-up mirrors where you could have a consultation with one of the many beauty related businesses or counters located in the Arndale from high end to high street from hair, to make-up to bizarrely (or so I thought) the health store that sells protein powders for gym bunnies!
I enjoyed consultations with Supercuts, the hairdressers, and Dior. I got a heap of great product recommendations for my hair and advice on styling with my limitations on arm movement which was great and I think I’m going to go and get my hair chopped there tomorrow! It’s something I’ve been considering for a while, my mermaid length hair really needs something doing with it now.
The lady from Dior was lovely, she was supposed to be doing eye make-up but as I had already done an eye look including winged liner and glitter before I left the house she didn’t want to ruin it! I had quite a lot of compliments on that eye make-up yeste26212410705_fa311e4407_mrday actually, it was great. I really wished I had taken some pics of it before I put my glasses on it was that popular (one lovely lady stopped me to ask which of the consultation people did it and she was disappointed she couldn’t have it done on her.) Instead we played with some other products she had and she topped up my foundation etc. which had been on for several hours by that point.
Taking selfies was of course encouraged and there were two selfie booths where you could pose and get a print out of your picture. Unfortunately the lens was a little high for those of us sat down to use it alone but the man in charge did a great job of playing with the zoom so I could have one too.

Image from Instagram

The demonstrations were done by Scottish make-up artist Jamie Genevieve who was totally new to me. I watched her do a fairly natural make-up look which she followed up with a question and answer session. She was a natural at chatting to people, very friendly and offered some good advice to the people asking questions.
A leaflet was handed out at the end with basic notes of what was done and there are videos of some of the things she did over on the Arndale YouTube channel if you want to have a look although Jamie obviously prefers a much more made-up look than the model she was working on for her live demo!

Who is Jamie Genevieve? Jamie is an Instagram sensation and YouTuber, has worked on-counter for Illamasqua in the past. She now works independently from a make-up specific salon named ‘Onyx’ in Glasgow.

I was lucky enough to be one of the 1000 people who got a goodie bag but if you were disappointed, don’t be! I’m not really sure why they bothered having them to be honest. Maybe they were hoping to have more to put in them but it didn’t happen? Who knows. The bags only had three things in them – an Essence highlighter, a small shampoo that was really more for men I would say and a voucher for something (not sure what) at Centros Unico which is a clinic that does treatments including botox and fillers! Not sure that’s something I really fancy buying in the Arndale? What do you guys think about these high street clinics?

While I was there I also did a bit of beauty related shopping as many stores had related discounts or offers on.
I got chatting to some of the ladies who work in Lush. One of the ladies in particular, Becky, is a zebra (someone who has EDS) too it turns out! I got a couple of lovely samples and a bath bomb on Becky’s advice which I’ll be talking about in another post. I do enjoy a good bath to relieve joint pains.

Outside of the Arndale I found some great zebra themed items in Paperchase including an awesome moneybox which I absolutely had to have! I’ll do a full post on those as well as I know a lot of bendies like to collect zebra themed items. I might have to go back and get some more of the different items myself when I have some more money!

Did any of you go to Manchester Made Up?

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