5 Under a Fiver: Make-Up

I’ve put together a list of five of my favourite bargain priced make-up products, everything here is under £5!


I’ll start with the lowest priced item first, and not just because I really want to gush about it!

1. Wilko, Eyeliner Brush, 95p0348244_l
That’s right it was less than a quid! It’s synthetic bristles come to a very fine angled point and it’s actually a better and finer brush than some I’ve paid ten times that for. Talk about knocking it out of the park! They’ve even included a little circular bristle protector to keep it in shape and prevent damage. I am thrilled with this for the price and think I might buy a couple more.

2. Collection, Bronze Glow Matt, £2.998966745096222
This was recommended to me by a fellow pale girl and has become probably my favourite bronzing product. It’s pale girl friendly, it’s matte (I don’t know where the ‘e’ went on their packaging or is that a US spelling?) so your face won’t be shiny in weird places and you can use it for current trends such as ‘sun stripping’. All of this and it won’t break the bank either, awesome!

3. MUA, Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer, £3luxe-velvet-lip-lacquer-2015-tranquility-_web_
Available in a massive 18 different shades most of which are totally wearable for every day. This is a quick drying true matte liquid lipstick, no muss no fuss. These are simply amazing for a budget British high street brand and since they just released a black I’m really hoping to see some more avant garde colours from them soon for those of who like our lip art.

4. Boots 17, Eye Eye Crayon, £3.99
evoke-SEVENTEEN-Eye-Eye-Crayon-Jewel-Available in 4 different colours at the moment including this fabulous and on trend for spring/summer ’16 blue shade.
Cream shadows and crayons are always handy when you’re in a rush or want a pop of vibrant colour that won’t move. My favourite of the four from Seventeen is the vibrant blue which they’ve named ‘Jewel’ which has great pigmentation.

5. Shiro Cosmetics, Eye Shadow £4.99
lingeredintwilight1Okay so this one is only just under a fiver but I was really impressed by the quality of the loose shadows from this indie brand. Available through Cute Cosmetics in the UK their products are hand made, mostly vegan and have geeky themes such as ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Game of Thrones’. Pictured is the shade ‘Lingered in Twilight’ which is my favourite of the ones I have, it’s a gorgeous blackened teal shade from their ‘The Hobbit’ themed collection which features art work by Robin Kaplan.

Have you found any great products for under £5 recently? Do let me know if you have! Have you tried any of these?

Do let me know your thoughts!

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