New Benefit: Dew the Hoola!

Benefit’s ‘Hoola’ bronzer is hugely popular so I suppose it was only natural for them to expand on it’s success and bring out more products inspired by it. Queue ‘Dew the Hoola’ and ‘Hoola Zero Tan Lines’, there is also a matching bronzing brush available which is very covetable. In this post I’m only going to review the former as I’m not a huge fan of fake tan products, however, if you guys really want me to I will review ‘Zero Tan Lines’ as well, let me know in the comments.


First let me talk about the gorgeous packaging! It’s good to see the design goddesses are once again smiling on Benefit as for a while there I was starting wonder what on Earth was going on at their design HQ! There’s nothing childish or Barbie-esque about this beautiful bronze, bamboo inspired bottle and it will certainly look great on any make-up table. The product is dispensed via a pump which makes it very easy to use, no messy spills or shaking the bottle upside down to get product out.

26253030471_0e036d8fc2_mWill it look great on you is of course the most important question though! Just like the original ‘Hoola’ this is a matte product (no shimmer, shine or glitter) which is great for those who prefer a more natural look. It doesn’t completely mattify the skin though, it leaves you with a slightly dewy looking finish for a very healthy looking skin. One pump provides enough product for the whole face. I noticed that the product is very lightweight, it feels and in many ways behaves more like a gel product than a cream product.

The sheerness of the product means it can lend its self to a fairly wide variety of skin tones. The product can be blended out well for the super pale or built up for those with a more medium tone. You could also wear it together with the ‘Hoola’ powder if you wanted to really ramp it up! I don’t think this is a product suitable for dark skinned ladies but if you have dark skin, would you want a bronzer anyway? I don’t know?

My Swatch

Here are a couple of swatches of the product:
26046554250_d646b4038a_zAt the top we have completely unblended product. I’ve just spread out the small bead of product that was dispensed so you can see the caramelly colour.
Next we have a band of mostly blended product.
For my skin tone one layer looks the most natural but your tone might suit two layers or even more depending on how bronzed you like to be. This band is not fully blended out and is probably the equivalent of two layers on my pale skin. Over all I would say it is significantly more pale girl friendly than the original Hoola powder.

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