He-Shi Body Sculpting Gradual Tan

As someone who has never used a fake tan product before I went on a bit of an adventure recently and tried out this new gradual tanning gel.


I’m a naturally pale and pasty kind of gal as you all know and even if I do go a little darker on my body in the summer it’s usually by maybe half a shade to a shade unless it’s a particularly good summer! I also spend a lot of time indoors due to chronic illness which really doesn’t help – getting the sun in my eyes is one of my migraine triggers.

As well as being a tanning product this gel also has skin hydrating and, allegedly, firming properties. They have an ingredient they are calling ‘ Intenslim™’ which is a plant derived substance that is supposed to help break down fat and stimulate the production of elastin in the skin. Alongside this the product also contains caffeine which is an antioxidant and is thought to help circulation, other formulation points of interest are that the product is free of alcohol and parabens (a type of anti-fungal) for those who avoid these.
Back to the slimming/toning claims: according to the maker of Intenslim (Sederma) “An in vivo 2-month study clearly demonstrated significant and visible results on the stomach area. The mean reduction of the stomach’s circumference is 0.99 cm up to 3.90 cm” however it doesn’t say how much of the product was applied or how often on their website or whether the study participants were also dieting or participating in exercise regimes so I don’t hold much stock in this without the full details.

I found this gel product very easy to use and apply with the tanning mitt although I did end up with a couple of patches that were darker than the rest so their ‘streak free’ claims are not to be entirely believed. I think this is one of those things that will improve with practice and product build up though. It’s so hard to tell where you’ve already applied product to when rubbing it in.

He_Shi_Tanning_Mitt__40309.1414419639.1280.1280I did the first application just before bed time as the instructions say to avoid water contact and sweating for 6-8 hours after applying. As I am so pale I noticed a difference in my skin tone the very next morning –  just a few hours after the first application! After only the second application I was as tan as I have ever been naturally and a bit more besides! I’m unsure as to whether to stick at this level or go for it and apply more for a darker shade of tan.  What do you ladies think I should do? I think I would like my legs darker but I’m really not convinced by the idea of my arms being any darker.

The product produces quite a natural looking shade on the skin, not orangey as some products have a reputation for so I’m now a lot less frightened of this kind of product than I was before trying this. Hopefully I won’t feel as shy of wearing a skirt in the summer due to my milk bottle legs! Great stuff! I’m actually slightly peeved with myself for not taking a “before” picture…

* Product sent to me as a sample, all opinions here are entirely my own.

Do let me know your thoughts!

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