Benefit: Dandelion Shy Beam

Benefit’s latest highlighting product and addition to the ‘Dandelion’ family is ‘Shy Beam’, whose name is obviously (for those who are Benefit fans at least) derived from their popular highlighter ‘High Beam’.

shy beam

Shy Beam is, unusually, a matte liquid highlight. You don’t find so many of those do you? Normally when you hear the word highlighter shimmery, glittery powders spring to mind rather than matte liquids. Shy Beam is packaged similarly but not identically to it’s other liquid highlighter (‘High Beam’) in a bottle with a brush applicator in the lid. This bottle however is a beautiful golden number with a sun-like flower (I presume a dandelion?) design on the cap and little dandelion seeds floating all over the body of the bottle.

The product it’s self is a very delicate baby pink shade that blends a bit too well into skinshy beam swatch1 tones such as my own. Here you can see I’ve swatched it once unblended and once mostly blended  – I was purposely trying not to be too seamless so you’d be able to tell where it was in the photo! I think this would do much better on a more medium to deep toned skin as a highlighter. Quite disappointing given how great both of the previous products that this is bouncing off are for pale girls.

The texture of the product is great, matte but not at all dry or chalky (I’m starting to think we need another word for non-sparkly/shiny that isn’t matte!) and doesn’t emphasise pores so great if you don’t have the best skin texture and usually avoid highlighters as a result. shy-beam-swatch

A plus point I’ve discovered while playing with it is that because it’s matte (but not chalky) and pinkish, it works surprisingly well for helping conceal under eye circles on pale skins such as my own.

dandelion-dew-hero.pngAnother Dandelion product new on the scene is ‘Dandelion Dew’ liquid blush. None of the counters near me have had it in yet though so I’ve not been able to get my hands on it to try it. I promise as soon as I can test this out I will review it for you!

Have any of you darker ladies tried Shy Beam? I’d love to see some swatches of it on darker skin or even how it looks on the face.

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