New Smashbox Lipsticks

Smashbox have re-vamped their whole lipstick range, some shades are gone forever while others are re-named and lots are brand new including these two very different shades which I absolutely had to get!


You might have noticed they’re not the only thing in the picture there, that’s because there was an offer in Boots where I bought them from. I received £5 worth of points plus this little gift. I’ll show the contents of the box in a moment, don’t worry!

The lipsticks are unusual shades, especially for me. Both are mattes and one is a vibrant purple while the other is… grey. Yes, grey! I was tempted a few weeks back when MAC brought out a limited edition grey lipstick but I never got around to buying it before I sold out. If you wanted the MAC grey and missed out, don’t worry because Smashbox have you covered! This is a permanent feature of the range.

26529801595_51d0f03f8a_mThe purple shade is titled ‘Violet Riot’ and the grey is named ‘Punked’.
They don’t come out anywhere near as matte on the lips as I would like. They’re very matte when swatched on the hand but seem much less so when worn somehow. They are however very comfortable to wear so a good choice if you suffer from dry lips and prefer a more matte lipstick.
What I love about these two shades in particular is the way they mix together to create an entirely new one. In fact you can mix the grey with almost any other shade to make a darker version which is why I had to get it to play with so I’m sure I’ll be having a lot of fun with this one – good job Smashbox made their grey part of the standard range, I think even though people most likely won’t wear it on it’s own using it to mix with other shades could prove really popular.

The Swatches

smashbox lipsI’ve had some fun doing lip swatches rather than run of the mill hand swatches for these, I hope you like them! All of these are done without liner so you can see the true unaltered colour effect.

I don’t feel that ‘Violet Riot’ gives an even coverage of colour, some areas seem darker and others brighter. Perhaps something that could be solved with liner or blotting and re-applying.

‘Punked’ however is a truly solid colour with complete coverage on my lips. It’s less matte than the purple though and has a teensy bit of a satiny sheen.

Mix them together and wowzers! Look at this! A gorgeous deep grape shade appears. I applied the grey first and the purple over the top here.


So What Was In That Gift Box?

26463774921_09698e0fc6_mInside the free gift was a sample of their new lip product ‘Insta-Matte’ which you can apply to instantly mattify any lipstick, a disposable lip brush to apply the sample with, a sample size Photo Finish primer and two sample size glosses. Can’t complain eh?

I had wanted to get the Insta-Matte when I went in store but they had completely sold out of it so I’m glad there was a sample in here at least to try it out.

What shall I try mixing the grey with next?

Do let me know your thoughts!

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