No. 7 Beautifully Defined Contour Kit

I recently received* this cute little compact containing a dual pan of contour and matte highlighter.


This is the light/medium shade and suits my skin very well. I particularly like that both powders included are matte (not just the contour shade) rather than shiny and sparkly as it makes it great for every day use and for placing the highlight underneath the contour for extra emphasis as well as on the cheekbones. It also means that it doesn’t bring attention to flaws in skin texture in the same way that very shiny highlighters do as well as making the compact suitable for use by all ages.

boots darkThe kit is also available in a medium/dark toned version for darker complexions than my own which I have contrasted here with the light one using images from the Boots website. The darker one appears much warmer toned to my eye, especially in terms of the highlighter. I would recommend trying this out in store against your skin if you are darker skinned.

I will admit that for ease of use I would have preferred the two powders to be in separate pans rather than sharing one big one as pretty as it is with its pressed design,  however,  this would likely have made the kit chunkier and less travel friendly.

The swatches

26633288086_84a0542c9a_zHere they are swatched on the inside of my super pale arm (I’m back to my normal colour now after the fake tan experiment!).
The highlight stands out well even on this area and the contour shade is fairly neutral so should suit most undertones.

Overall I’m quite pleased with this as contouring for pale girls is an area that’s very short on good products! Pros are that it’s small enough to fit in your every day make-up bag and great for travel but on the downside there’s no brush included (making the name ‘kit’ something of a misnomer) meaning you have to carry one separately as well as the risk of accidentally mixing the two powders together.

*review product, all opinions stated here are entirely my own and no payment has been received in exchange for this review.

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