I’d Rather Be In Wonderland

The rest of us outside London finally got the Alice palette on Thursday and I rushed over to Debenhams to pick up my reserved palette straight after college. Here it is:


Oh it’s a beauty! Urban Decay have really pushed the boat out on this one haven’t they?

26763215432_2b1c05f7db_zOnce you have got over the amazing box design and open it up you are stunned once again by the inside. Inside the lid is a mirror and on the surface two flaps with the phrase “I’m not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours” printed across them. You lift up two flaps to reveal the most beautiful three dimensional butterfly whose wings move as you move the flaps.

The eyeshadows themselves are in a little 26584056780_2212dd7875_zdrawer that pulls out from underneath giving you a slow reveal of the shades and their chequerboard-like base design.
As you would expect from Urban Decay they have included a double ended brush with the palette this one is decorated to match the palette exactly which is a nice touch.

They are well pigmented and blendable with a great mix of bright jewel tones and more everyday neutrals. You can create a wide variety 26763233832_1243d0a8c0_zof looks with this palette from completely out there to every day.

The palette costs £43 and contains 20 shadows which works out at £2.15 per shadow. Given the production values of this palette and renowned quality of Urban Decay shadows that is an absolute bargain!

I haven’t done any swatches because the world and his wife are swatching this palette right now but if you are in need of swatches do pop over to Aisha at Lipstick and Daydreams as she has done some brilliant ones.

I did do some swatches of all of the lipstick shades for you though as these don’t seem to be as widespread. I bought ‘Mirana’ and ‘Hatter’ (shown bottom right) for myself but decided to leave the other shades in the store as I wouldn’t wear them personally.

26252303504_6225c401f3_zSwatched left to right: ‘Alice’ (so nude it’s almost invisible on my skin!), ‘Time’, ‘Iracebeth’, ‘Hatter’ and ‘Mirana’ . It’s not quite catching on my camera but both Hatter and Mirana have tiny flecks of glitter running through them, they’re really quite unusual.


The lipsticks provide good coverage with the exception of ‘Alice’ which is a very sheer and
pale nude, I would recommend using a lip liner with them as I do with all UD lipsticks as I find their formula prone to movement without one.

Unfortunately I believe all of this collection has sold out online so if you’re still after any of it good luck hunting it down on counter!

6 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be In Wonderland

  1. Great post- Thanks for link back sweets, has it seriously sold out everywhere already? Within 1 day? That must be a make up record no?! Almost as good as Kylie herself! I love that picture at the top with the writing in the background so cool. Xx

    1. It’s totally sold out on the Urban Decay website, all the lipstick shades the lot so it’s just whatever is out there on the counters that’s left!

        1. I didn’t check whether they had any up on Thursday they may have done. John Lewis online still had a few palettes left in stock but all of the lipsticks were gone, I was trying to track some down for a friend.

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