QVC Tarte Haul + Sephora Rant

I did it! I held my ground and did not order this palette from Sephora even though they have had it since December and we only just got it here in the UK. Go me! Rant incoming:

After the dreadful customer service I had from Sephora regarding the unavailability of pretty much any promotions for international customers including those with VIB and VIB Rouge status I decided I won’t be ordering from them again unless I really have no other possible option. It seems they will take our cash and they might (begrudgingly) ship some items to us but they don’t want to allow us to have any of their offers, sales, birthday gifts or coupons and claim “shipping and taxes” as their frankly bullshit excuse for it. All other US based sites allow us to use coupons and be involved in sales why do they think they are so special? VAT is 20% on the sale price of an item (since they give the prices without tax), it doesn’t matter if the price changes it’s still 20% of the new price. Pardon my French there but they really, really annoyed me.

Anyway, rant over let’s get on with looking at the Tarte products I ordered from QVC UK!


I ordered the ‘Tartelette Tease’ palette which follows on as a handbag sized addition to the Tartelette family. Having got it from QVC instead they repaid my waiting by pairing it with a brush! I do already have one of these funky bendy (!) brushes from when I got the ‘Tartelette in Bloom‘ palette from them a little while back but you can never have too many good blending brushes right? I also ordered the lip kit (I’m noticing that this is becoming a thing since Kylie and quite a few brands are selling two items together as a ‘lip kit’ now!) with the lip paint in ‘TBT’ which is described as a mauve and a matching lip crayon in the shade ‘Latergram’. I ordered the kit because it was only about £2 more than the lip paint on it’s own which I thought was bizarre!

26822546126_6f8e5119a5_zThe palette is very small and cute containing 6 warm neutral shades. True to the Tartelette family of palettes four of the shades are mattes. There is also one satin and one metallic so a variety of on-the-go looks can be created with this little handbag sized beauty.
All of the matte shadows in the palette are buttery soft, no crumbly powdery mattes here. I love Tarte for mattes they really do know how to do them well. The metallic does have some glittery fallout so it’s worth using a creamier/stickier primer with that shade to minimise it.

I think it’s a shame they’ve made this a limited edition palette as it’s such a handy sized and well priced addition to the range.

26265830193_9386712991_zThe individual shades are ‘Whisper’ which is a well pigmented peachy beige matte; ‘Crush’ which is a golden brown metallic with glitter particles; ‘Heartbreaker’ which is a warm chocolate brown matte; ‘Wink’ is light mauve matte, it’s quite close to my own skin tone so doesn’t show up very well in my swatch photo; ‘First Kiss’ is a beautiful medium brown with a satin finish; and finally ‘BFF’ is a well pigmented matte plum.

26836066226_8ce45f8c2f_zOn to the lip kit now!
The lip crayon (in the shade ‘Latergram’) as they call it is a lip pencil for lining the lips and matches the Lip Paint liquid lipstick shade it accompanies perfectly.
It’s a twist up pencil so you never need a sharpener (in theory at least) and applies smoothly with great colour payoff. You could quite easily wear it alone all over the lip and top with some gloss

The liquid lipstick is in the shade ‘TBT’ which is a mauve shade. In the tube you get 6ml of product so more than some brands put in their tubes.

Crayon in ‘Latergram’ and Lip Paint in ‘TBT’

I really like the brownish-mauve shade and I feel the crayon does help get the perfect application of the liquid lipstick so it’s definitely something I’ll be trying with my other liquid products if I can find matching pencils in my collection!

Things I don’t like about this particular lipstick are the shape of the applicator which is basically just a round fluffy stick, it’s not shaped at all to help with application and I feel it picks up too much product. It applies much better with a lip brush, as if you get the layer of product even slightly too thick it will transfer all over the place! This lipstick doesn’t dry out in the same way a lot of other matte liquids do, it’s quite helpful to apply a thin layer and blot as you would with a regular cream lippie.

Have you tried the Tarte Lip Paint? How did you get on with it? Have you had any bad customer experiences with ordering from the US?

4 thoughts on “QVC Tarte Haul + Sephora Rant

  1. Great post- How annoying about Sephora? I have noticed they don’t offer any deals to us and half the team won’t ship here because of distribution laws etc- I rarely order from them now as most companies will ship to us here anyway and also Sephora only used to be good value when they didn’t convert the price into pounds and add the customs. More time, stuff would come through customs free anyway!
    The whole notion of the lip kits fad annoys me because the lip pencils see the same colour as the lipstick – designed for those who need to overdraw them lips! People of colour generally don’t need to do this and would actually prefer a slightly contrasting lip pencil. My skin is a nude beige colour so without a darker liner I look like I’m wearing foundation or concealer on my lips! It all merges together loooool!

    1. I am lucky for a white girl in that I have naturally quite full lips so I don’t really need to overdraw at all however I do have a bit on the edge of my bottom lip that changes back to regular skin tone before my lip has ended. Again, one that doesn’t quite match is better than a perfect match for fixing this.
      To be honest I think if it’s a bit darker it can also add a little depth if you are over lining, I see so many ridiculously over drawn lips these days it makes me sad.

      1. Oh gosh so many- girrrrrrl bad ones it’s getting ridiculous! I remember a time full lips were so unfashionable- now it’s all lip fillers and lip kits and god knows what else! Your right darker does give depth it’s more flattering than just overdrawn ridiculous large lips which look totally unnatural! Xx

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