I’ve done it!

My Last Day! Smiling despite having popped my hip the day before.

I’ve done it! I’ve finished my course. All of my units are completed. I really can’t believe it to be honest!

Me 1 – 0 EDS

Once my folder has been checked by the external testing people I am qualified as a level two beauty therapist which includes all kinds of things such as facials, manicures and make-up.

My college and my tutor Jane especially have been great with my limitations and have good adaptive equipment available. I’d recommend them to anyone else in my situation wholeheartedly.

I’ve already put in my application form for the level 3 Hair & Media Make-Up course starting in September and I can’t wait! It’s going to be a lot of hard work but so much fun too.

I’m going to miss seeing all of the ladies from my course, but a couple of them are planning on coming on the same course as me next year so that will be awesome to do it together.

Now for a summer of playing with make-up and taking lots of photos! I will try and blog as many of the things I create as possible and share them with you here.

I have something big to tell you all too but you’ll have to wait until next month to find out!

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