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26987971142_d1e1482cb9_oI haven’t tried this brand before but as you know I’m always up for trying new things! Neve are an Italian brand with a few niche UK stockists.
I’ve used a few duochrome shadows including some from Makeup Geek and really enjoy them so when I discovered a palette full of just those I had to investigate!

27032165831_b20ac26a53_zIf you haven’t come across them before duochromes are shadow shades made from two colours so that they appear to change colour when viewed from a different angle or as you move away from a light source.
Duochrome seems to be a word that is only really used in the cosmetic industry for this kind of visual effect, other industries use terms like chameleon or simply refer to colour shift.

There are ten pretty huge (36mm & 3g each!) pans of product in this palette. It retails in

Huge pan size!

the UK with stockists at around £24.95 which is slightly cheaper than the current direct conversion from Euros if you were to buy direct from Neve (33,80 €) – it’s always worth checking these things! Doing the maths in pounds sterling the pans work out at a positively bargainous £2.49 each or €3.38 if you’re using the Euro price.

The palette packaging it’s self is designed to be refillable and is magnetised so should you ever manage to use up one of these babies completely you can simply drop a replacement individual pan straight into the spot.

The Swatches

Top row:


1.’Pioggia Acida’/’Acid Rain’ is a cool green with a gold shift
2.’Utopia’ is a cobalt blue with a pink shift
3.’Fenice’/’Phoenix’ is a warm copper with a slight rose shift.
4. ‘Chimera’ is a purple with a pink and copper shift.
5.’Twilight’ is grey with a glittery bronze shift

Second row:


6.’Mela Stregata’/’Poison Apple’ is a purplish-pink with a green shift.
7.’Abracadabra’ is a cerulean blue with a light green shift.
8.’Polline’/’Pollen’ is a golden yellow with a slight green shift.
9.’Veleno’/’Poison’ is a deep brown with a green shift.
10.’Mezza Estate’/’Midsummer’ is a yellow with a pink shift but mostly looks peach & pink.

I’m very impressed with the pigmentation on these as well as the lovely soft buttery feel. I think you could create a wide array of looks with the varied colour choice although you would need other shadows to work alongside these as they are mainly lid shades with being so sparkly! Handily for those of us that are also into creating lip art some of these beauties are also notable as being lip safe, those shades are 1, 3, 5, 8 & 9 based on my numbering above.

My favourite shades have to be ‘Mela Stregata’ which translates from the Italian as ‘Poison Apple’ and ‘Veleno’ which means ‘Poison’. These are the most contrasting and eye catching of all of the colour shifts in the palette and I can see these ones being used a lot! If you only like a couple of the shades in the palette don’t worry, Neve sell all of their shadows as individual pans too.

Capturing both halves of the colour shift of ‘Veleno’.

The product is produced in Italy, it’s ingredients are completely vegan as well as silicone, paraben and petroleum free for people who choose avoid those ingredients.

Have you tried any products from Neve cosmetics? What do you recommend of theirs if you have?

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