Violet Voss Drenched Metal

Following on from the Holy Grail palette is the new Drenched Metal palette which features a range of 20 shades mostly shimmers this time with only 2 mattes in the palette and one of those has micro glitter in it!


This one tries to buck the current neutral trend though doesn’t quite manage it completely. It does however bring us some pops of colour including vibrant blue, green and purple shades as well as the more neutral tones and a couple of duochrome shadows too.

I think this one is actually a much more useful palette to have in your make-up drawer than the ‘Holy Grail‘ as it contains more choice of different shades and you could actually create more than just 2 or 3 different looks with it. Thanks to the addition of the matte transition shade and a matte-ish (it has a small amount of microglitter) black you could probably even get away with using just this palette in a pinch.

The Swatches

Top Row:27122035626_5b1ae8eb20_z

‘Poppin’, ‘Kisses’, ‘Confession’, ‘Crushed It’, ‘Secret’
2nd Row:26549316893_45aebc2322_z

‘So Fancy’, ‘Mermaid Vixen’, ‘Grunge’, ‘Minx’, ‘Squad Goals’
3rd Row:27086886401_51bd7737e5_z

‘Frisky’, ‘Dark Desires’, ‘Slaycation’, ‘Come Thru’, ‘Livin’
Bottom Row:27060187812_c494d8fa5a_zadd

‘Shade’, ‘Bliss’, ‘Huntress’, ‘Forbidden’, ‘Midnight Tryst’

As you can see most of the shades are well pigmented and quite soft too, I think these are generally better quality than the shadows in the first palette. They can be applied both wet and dry.
Shades with a definite duochrome effect are ‘Confession’ from the top row, ‘Slaycation’ from the 3rd row and ‘Shade’ & ‘Bliss’ from the bottom row.

  1. ‘Poppin’ is a champagne toned shimmer, great as an inner corner or brow bone highlight,
  2. ‘Kisses’is a little deeper and much more pink than Poppin, another good choice as a highlight shade,
  3. ‘Confession’ is a pink with a gold shift,
  4. ‘Crushed It’ is a gorgeous metallic gold,
  5. ‘Secret’ is a pale brown matte transition shade and is identical to ‘Bestie’ from the Holy Grail palette
  6. ‘I’m So Fancy’ is a beautiful shimmery teal,
  7. ‘Mermaid Vixen’ is a slightly blackened teal green – very watery!
  8. ‘Grunge’ is an olive shimmer,
  9. ‘Minx’ is a copper-gold shimmer with a slight green tinge,
  10. ‘Squad Goals’ is a copper gold shimmer,
  11. ‘Frisky’ is a cobalt blue shimmer,
  12. ‘Dark Desires’ is a deep purple shimmer (it’s much more purple than my photos show, for some reason my camera hates purples!)
  13. ‘Slaycation’ is a brown with a green shift,
  14. ‘Come Thru’ is a cool yellow,
  15. ‘Livin’ is a copper shimmer,
  16. ‘Shade’ is silver with a pink shift,
  17. ‘Bliss’ is an olive with a gold shift,
  18. ‘Huntress’ is a warm chocolate brown shimmer,
  19. ‘Forbidden’ is a rust toned shimmer,
  20. ‘Midnight Tryst’ is a matte black with silver micro glitter

26533112634_7fe89d5c0e_mThe packaging of the palette is identical to that of the Holy Grail palette so those of us who like things to match will be happy.

As I said with the first palette these don’t feel cheap when you’re paying out for them but they can work out as little as $2 per shadow which isn’t bad in the grand scheme of things.

What I will say is if you’re still after this or the Holy Grail palette please don’t give in and pay scalpers on eBay ¬£100 for one. Violet Voss will release more palettes! I know they’re supposed to be limited edition but seriously, it’s pretty clear that’s not true. The scarcity on these and similar “limited” cosmetics is all made up to hype them up more and get more people wanting them.

Have you bought any of the recent limited edition palettes, tell us in the comments!


Do let me know your thoughts!

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