NYX Hot Singles Refills!

26624548453_9df0f5c0d7_zMy NYX de-potting woes are over! Hurrah!

NYX are notoriously one of the hardest individual eye shadow brands to de-pot but they have now released refillable palettes (4 pan and 9 pan) as well as shadow refills! Now we don’t have to worry about melting plastic or tooth floss or prying and breaking the delicate pans, we can just buy a refill and drop it straight into an existing customisable palette such as a Z-Palette. Hoorah!
The new pans are also magnetic so no more need to use the little stickers from Z-Palette to get the pans to ‘stick’ properly which is another great plus point.

These aren’t widely available in the UK at the moment but I’m sure they’ll be in all stores that stock NYX and Boots online soon.

I’ll take this opportunity to show you two of the shades I have as these new refills: ‘Heat’ and ‘Arrogance’.

27151574772_98a54b175d_z‘Heat’ is a semi-metallic reddy-orange shade and is very similar to ‘Coppering’ by MAC when swatched. It looks very red in the pan but swatches more rusty-coppery toned.

‘Arrogance’ is a smoky violet satin with a very fine, barely perceptible glitter. It’s a good quality purple too, no blending out to black unlike some brands I could mention *cough*Too*cough*Faced*cough*

Unfortunately (for the swatches at least!) it has been very sunny here today and where ever I went I got a shadow from my camera which rather spoiled my swatch photo in terms of showing the shine coming off the shadows. You can see how well they have swatched though – would you believe these are just a single swipe? As usual no primer and just my bare skin. 27248652405_a55ab6f986_z

Once I’ve finished de-potting the remainder of the NYX singles I have in the regular pots, I’ll definitely be buying them this way in future. The shadows really are amazing value for money, with this new packaging they’ve totally removed all of the downsides for me.
Less struggle, less waste, less fuss and cheaper too – not to mention more time to play with the actual make-up!

Do you have a Z-Palette or similar and struggle with de-potting any particular brands?


Do let me know your thoughts!

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