5 Ways To Find Time For Skin Care

We’re all such busy people these days that one of the things I seem to hear a lot is that people just can’t find the time for a proper skin care routine.
Whether your a working mother, a spoonie like myself or a high flying career woman there is often very little time during the course of a day to put any effort into your beauty routines.

SPF, moisturisers, day cream, night cream, toners, acid toners, cleansers, masks, facial oils … juggling what to use and how often to use each as well as weighing up the possible benefits of ingredients that are available in different products can all seem very overwhelming. Once you’ve chosen your products how do you find the time to fit them all in every day?

There’s a huge range of skin care products available!

I’ve put together some time saving tips to help you get the best out of your products and fit everything in!

  1. Multi-task! 
    Cleanse your skin while in the bath or shower, if you’re taking a bath you can do a face mask while your conditioner sits on your hair. Put on your serums or creams while watching TV or catching up on emails.
  2. Consolidate
    If one product can do the job of three then it saves both time and money. Can your moisturiser be an eye cream too? Try a day cream with SPF instead of applying two products.
  3. Organise
    Store the products you use every day within easy reach, acrylic organisers can help you locate items more easily and they look pretty neat too!
  4. Keep Products In Useful Locations
    If you find it easiest to put on moisturiser at your desk while doing emails in the morning then keep a pot of it in the desk drawer so you don’t have to fetch it each time.
  5. Try Sleep Masks
    If you don’t have time for a regular mask or sheet mask then why not try a sleep mask or other product that treats the skin overnight while you catch up on your beauty sleep? I like the Dr Jart+ Water Fuse Sleeping Mask.

Have you got any great time saving tips to share? Please do post them in the comments for us all.


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