Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes

These are the three great little Max Factor palettes that I mentioned in my Younique review a few days ago I wanted to show you.
I got the Rose Nudes palette first having been very impressed with the in store tester, the shades on the far right of that palette in particular really sealed the deal! I liked it so much I slowly collected all three colour options:

Max Factor Masterpiece Nudes

The three palettes are 01 Cappuccino Nudes, 02 Golden Nudes, and 03 Rose Nudes. The first two are both in the more expected brown neutral range while the second really runs with the rose idea – this is the palette Maybelline wish they had produced when they made their ‘Blushed Nudes’ palette and completely failed!

The shadows in each are beautifully soft, if anything the shimmers may even verge on being too soft if that’s possible! You can’t be too heavy-handed with them. I am impressed to see that with the exception of the second ‘Golden’ palette even the very palest shades are so well pigmented that they stand out on my pale skin. Not many can claim that!

Max Factor or Covergirl
Released in the US as Covergirl

If you’re in the US and don’t have Max Factor, don’t worry! My investigative zebra eye has spotted that these palettes appear have been released across the pond under the Covergirl brand so no one is left out! The bars of shadows are not in exactly the same order but I’m 95% sure they’re the same. This picture from eBay is a little dark so not the best ideal comparison but the only one I could find showing all three together.

In the UK these palettes sell for £14.99 each and contain 8 pans of shadow which works out at £1.87 per shade. Meanwhile over in the US those lucky Yanks pay as little as $9.99 before taxes at stores like Target for the Covergirl ones – no fair!

The Swatches

None of the individual shades have names so I have made doubly sure to keep them in the same order they are in the palette:

 01 Capuccino Nudes: Cappucino Nudes  Cappucino Nudes
 02 Golden NudesGolden Nudes  Golden Nudes
 03 Rose NudesRose Nudes  Rose Nudes

All are swatched on my bare skin with no primer using one or sometimes two swipes of product. I wish my camera didn’t hate purples quite so much as it really hasn’t done justice to the darker shades from the Rose Nudes palette.

Notice how only on the second palette does the palest shade not show up at all – how rare is that? At an angle it’s shimmer was noticeable however so it may still be useful as a highlight.

Overall I think these are a great indication of much the high street, or ‘drugstore’ if we’re to use US lingo, has upped its game in recent years. My only real drawback is that I found that the shadows were a little too soft and easily damaged if you have a heavy hand, I found this particularly noticeable with the Golden Nudes palette which really did come out as the least good of the three. The glitter particles are very noticeable, they’re not quite as finely milled as more expensive brands and some people may have trouble with that if they have more sensitive skin/eyes but I haven’t had any issues personally.

Have you tried the Max Factor palettes? Have you tried the Covergirl ones? Are my suspicions they’re the same correct?

Do let me know your thoughts!

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