Maybelline Vivid ‘Mattes’

I was awaiting trying these with great trepidation after being so disappointed by Revlon’s attempt at a matte liquid lipstick.


Well, I can say for sure they did a better job than Revlon but these are, yet again, still more of a lip cream or lacquer than what most of us who are used to wearing liquid lipsticks would expect to get for our money. They are slightly more successfully matte to my eye than the Revlon effort but they still do not dry at all meaning they move and transfer everywhere – which pretty much misses the whole point of a liquid lippie really!

Here is a comparison photo with a matte liquid lipstick from MUA. The MUA product was applied second for this picture for those who want to be sureĀ I haven’t cheated and applied that first! As you can see the MUA is a lot matter as has dried while the Maybelline is more satin and has not dried.

The bizarrely shaped applicator (there is no slanted cut to create a regular doe foot, it’s just sort of rounded off at the end) picks up too much product from the tube and places far too much on the lips so I would recommend using a brush or in a pinch pretty much anything else including your finger to thin out the product. If you don’t thin it out it doesn’t look matte at all – maybe this would also be of help with the Revlon product too, I will have to dig it out again and try really, really thinning it out! The above picture shows it thinned out with a finger (the MUA was straight from the wand) while my swatches below are straight from the applicator wand so you can see the difference.

27150222392_c95246d633_oI do prefer Maybelline’s shade choices to Revlon’s I have to say – and it looks like everyone else does too! It’s taken me quite a while to track down all of the shades for this post as the nudes were out of stock in my local stores – I guess everyone picked those to try! The two nude shades, the berry and the plum shade are my personal favourites from the range. A girl can have more than one favourite, right?

The Swatches


Swatched L-R: ’05 Nude Flush’, ’15 Electric Pink’, ’20 Coral Courage’, ’25 Orange Shot’, ’35 Rebel Red’, ’40 Berry Boost’, ’45 Possessed Plum’ & ’50 Nude Thrill’.

Product Pros – Good for people who don’t like regular matte lippies because of the dry feeling, comfortable on dry lips, great shade range.
Product Cons – Transfer, movement, applicator applies too much product to create a matte look, more satin than matte overall.

Have you tried these new lippies out? What did you think?


2 thoughts on “Maybelline Vivid ‘Mattes’

  1. These sound fantastic for me as I have dry lips & the colour selection looks phenomenal! Why oh why won’t companies name things as they are!?! Surely they’re loosing custom by miss selling a product? I would never pick these up if I hadn’t read posts like yours because I don’t really get on with matte lipsticks & people who do like matte products, buy these & are disappointed are less likely to purchase from the brand again incase they miss-lable other products! Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. Exactly Tania! People who are used to buying matte lipsticks from Anastasia Beverly Hills, Lime Crime, Jeffree Star et al want a lippie that dries and does not transfer, a lippie that is utterly matte. These, and Revlon, say ‘matte’ on them but the formula will not dry and as a result can never produce that truly matte look thus leaving those people gutted that they shelled out for them. Maybelline clearly did their research into what types of shades are popular with lovers of liquid lipstick though as they brought out two nudes.

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