Colourpop Sale Haul & First Impressions

Colourpop HaulAfter trying my first Colourpop lippies a little while back I just had to try some more of their products! I took my chance when there was a sale on a few weeks ago to pick up a few different things to try out. Now they’ve arrived and I’ve had time to play with them all I’m going to share my haul and my first impressions on the products with you guys.

What’s In the Box?

Super Shock Eye Shadow in ‘Mixed Tape’, ‘Porter’ & ‘Stereo’
Supershock ShadowOne thing I hadn’t fully twigged from the website or any of the posts where people are talking about them is that all of the shadows are creams and not powders – in fact it seems all of their products are creams which I find very interesting. They have a pattern pressed into them and look, from a picture, just like a powder shadow. I really like the colours I chose and am having fun coming up with ways to use them.

Super Shock Cheek Highlighter in ‘Spoon’ & ‘Pretty Bonnes’
Supershock CheekI really like these, I think ‘Spoon’ is my favourite of the two though. It’s more sparkly but without being full of chunks of glitter while ‘Pretty Bonnes’ is quite subtle really. I might try adding a powder highlighter over the top of it to see if that amps it up a little and increases wear time.

Creme Gel Eyeliner in ‘Exit’, ‘Descanso’ & ‘Piggy Bank’
I had high hopes for these but so far other than loving the colours I’m not bowled over. The product is quite dry textured and hard to work with, it’s easy to create a smudgy messy look but a neat wing is seriously hard work with this stuff. If anyone who has had more practice with them has any tips for working with it please do drop me a comment!

Lippie Stix in ‘Brink’, ‘Grunge’ & ‘Lady’
LippiestixI’m really liking the colours of these although I think I may need some convincing to wear ‘Grunge’ out of the house. It pulls very dark brown on me – not at all a 90’s (or Kylie) lip look, more goth!
I’m not hugely in love with the formula of the product though mainly due to the smell and taste which is quite chemically. Such a shame as the finish is great and the colour pay-off is too.

Ultra Matte Liquid Lip in Beeper
The tube I have is more brown than taupe as shown in other people’s swatches (formula change or variation?) and also looks very dark brown on me so I haven’t tried wearing it for a long enough period to decide what I really think of the formula. Actually quite disappointed by how different the shade my tube is compared to what I was expecting.

Ultra Satin Liquid Lip in Panda
Liquid LipsticksI knew what I was expecting with the formula on this one as it’s the same as the lipsticks I got previously but in a brighter, poppier shade. I love these, I find they’re very comfortable to wear even though they dry completely and they stay on very well unless you eat something greasy.

The Swatches

Please ignore the line on my arm in one of the pictures – I had been leaning against my desk! All products swatched directly on to my bare skin with no primers as usual:

Supershock CheekHighlighters Supershock ShadowsShadows
LippiestixLippieStix Gel linersGel Liner:
Exit, Descanso, & Piggy Bank

Liquid LipsticksAnd finally, the two liquid lipsticks are swatched together here, Ultra Matte ‘Beeper’ on the left and Ultra Satin ‘Panda’ on the right.

Colourpop, despite their British spelling of the word colour, do not currently sell in or ship to the UK. If you’re in the UK and want to get your hands on them directly and avoid the risk of being sold Chinese fakes (yes, even cheaper on eBay or elsewhere you need to use a US shipping company in order to get them. If anyone would like a post on how to do this, let me know!


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