The Karin Eckersley Prize for Endeavour

I’ve been keeping this under my hat a little bit, but as those of you who follow me on Instagram already know I recently won a community award and collected it on Thursday evening.

Community Learning Awards I was very proud to find I had been nominated by my college tutor for a local community learning award and somehow I was lucky enough to be chosen as the winner of the Karin Eckersley Prize for Endeavour and was presented the award by the Mayor of Bolton (Cllr. Lynda Byrne) and the college principal Marie Gilluley.

Prior to volunteering for the HMSA and going to their residential weekend I could never have dreamed I’d be able to go back to college and qualify as a therapist in spite of my disability. With the help of my trusty little wheelchair and the constant encouragement of my ‘sisters’ S and L my life has opened up and changed beyond recognition. It’s hard to believe I was once left housebound with very little independence. Of course, my condition is still hard to manage, and people don’t see the days I’m home resting in order to be able to put myself out there. I’m often a great actress, getting to the end of a college day in much pain (although just being there is also a great distraction from it) and heading straight home to rest and recuperate.

I couldn’t have finished the year with out my classmates, a brilliant bunch of ladies who I’m Hair & Make-upso proud of, many of whom have had their own battles to face this year. I really wish they could all have come along to the awards, as they really helped make it possible for me.

Thank you to A for helping me with ideas for something to do with my hair for the evening – I ended up learning a new skill from YouTube. I have no idea how I got through the ceremony I felt so awful, thank God for highlighters!

I’m in the process of sorting my student loan for my level 3 media course which will also be part time so I can manage my conditions at the same time. I’ve been going through a rough patch health wise with hormones, PoTS and hypoglycaemia all playing their parts so I really hope I can keep things on a level and keep pacing. I’m very excited to start though!

My love to you all,


6 thoughts on “The Karin Eckersley Prize for Endeavour

  1. Congratulations, Kath, on your award and for forging ahead despite your conditions! I loved looking at your makeup blogs but I pretty much only use lipgloss!

    1. Thank you! I use make-up to help hide my pale ill looking face and create an outwardly healthy looking appearance which somehow helps me face the day and carry on, my love snowballed from there x

      1. I know a lot of chronics who do that but I don’t have the energy for makeup or to blow dry my hair any more. Also, I’d be too exhausted to take it off at night.

        1. I can’t blow dry my hair as I can’t raise my arms up like that with the weight in my hand without causing a dislocation. You can apparently get stands for the dryer but I get around it by choosing a hairstyle that doesn’t require it and use Bumble and Bumble’s air dry styling product ‘Don’t Blow It’.

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