MUR: I Heart MakeUp Chocolate Vice Palette Review

Regular readers might have noticed my absence this week but fear not, I am back from my jaunt to Wales and have plenty of things to share with you in the coming weeks. I’m going to get straight into things with this new palette from Makeup Revolution. What an absolute mouthful of a product title these have!
Meet the most recent addition to Makeup Revolution’s ‘I Heart Makeup’ range of I <3 Chocolate palettes: ‘Chocolate Vice’!

Chocolate Vice

This palette features a range of peach, chocolate and metallic gold tones without stinking to high heaven! Honestly it’s not a true dupe of the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette although some people have been suggesting it could be a dupe. There are two fewer colours here to begin with and the peach shades in this palette pull more orange-peach rather than pink. There are a couple of individual shade dupes but the whole palette is not an exact dupe at all.
It makes sense that it wouldn’t be a dupe as this one came out at the same time as the Too Faced palette rather than afterwards.

Based on my brief experience with a Sweet Peach palette I found the shadows to be of low quality for the cost price, particularly the purple shade which blended to black before simply sheering out to nothingness – no purple pay-off at all. The MUR palette is just about as pigmented, both palettes require effort to get some of the shades to work out. In the MUR all of the shades are at least true even if you do really need to build them up at times (some of the TF shades also rely heavily on building up). This palette is less than a quarter of the price at a mere £7.99 which works out at a mere 50p per shade and you can definitely create some very similar looks with it.

Of course, this one also comes without the significant over hyping, YouTube shilling, and is not “limited edition”. It doesn’t get delivered to shops in batches of 6 on purpose to keep the supply purposefully short and the demand artificially high.
The marketing tactics being used by certain make-up brands right now are frankly disgusting and need to be called out. It’s understandable when small companies sell out of a product, but they will restock, there will be more. When large companies with a warehouse full of product create an artificial scarcity on a product they’ve said is “limited edition” people don’t think whether they want it, need it or, most importantly, whether they can afford it – they just panic buy.
Makeup Revolution have never pulled that crap and that is one reason why I will choose to support them instead.

The Swatches

 Chocolate Vice row 1 Chocolate Vice: Row 1

L-R: Vice, Sway, Satisfy, Require, Convert,


 Chocolate Vice Row 2 Chocolate Vice: Row 2

L-R: Treat, Habit, Persuade, Need, Crave, Lust


 Chocolate Vice row 3  Chocolate Vice: Row 3

L-R: Reason, Must, Maleficence, Fancy, Appeal.


These are swatched on bare skin (no primer) and have been built up with up with more than one swipe in some instances but not all.

Neutral LookMy favourite shades in this palette are the metallic ‘Persuade’ and brown shade ‘Crave’ from the second row.
I do like the peach shades especially as they are true orange toned peach shades and not pinks which you could find in many palettes. I did find however that I needed to build them up a lot. This was especially the case when applied on the eye with a brush, the palest one ‘Reason’ and the darker more brown toned ‘Maleficence’ had the least pigment and were hardest to work with. I was impressed with ‘Appeal’ which despite being a creamy white still showed up against my skin and works well as a highlight shade. Pretty much all of the shades do benefit from a good primer and a ‘pack on’ style of application. I’ve included a picture here of a neutral daytime look I created using the palette. For the price paid this is really not a bad offering in my opinion.

Have you tried this palette or any of the other I <3 Chocolate palettes? What do you think of them and what looks have you created?


2 thoughts on “MUR: I Heart MakeUp Chocolate Vice Palette Review

  1. I read this with fascination as I know nothing about make up and wouldn’t know how to judge a palette or the goodness of a swatch but I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts. I’m really starting to feel as though I need to do a course and learn! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    1. Thank you for hosting it, it’s such a great idea! I’ve found quite a few interesting posts through it.

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