Wales Holiday Beauty Shopping

As I mentioned in my last post I’m just back from a week long trip to Cardiff to see some dear friends. Naturally my trip included some beauty shopping with the girls!

Cardiff Shopping Haul

I came back with a small haul and wanted to share my finds with you lovely readers.

John Lewis

John Lewis HaulWhile my friend L was having a sneaky sit down via getting her make-up done on the Charlotte Tilbury counter I tried out their matte lipstick in ‘Bond Girl’ which I decided I liked enough to purchase. I also bought a NARS single eye shadow in the shade ‘Tropic’ which is full of the most amazing chunky glitter, both of us adored it at first sight! You can apply it two ways, as a beautiful wash of colour giving a smaller amount of glitter or by packing it on for the full deep colour and glitter effect. I love both of these!

MAC Store

MAC Brooke CandyOver at the MAC store (dear lord why don’t we have one of these in Manchester, it totally knocks the socks off a counter…) I found the limited edition Brooke Candy ‘Witching Hour’ lipstick and it’s matching lip liner (‘Night Crawler’) for 30% off!
I was totally sold on this deep blue-purple as soon as I tried it on – I think I can safely say I have definitely conquered the purple lip now. I’m so glad I took the plunge with my first purple that fateful day! This is a very unusual almost properly blue shade and worked exceptionally well with the shiny blue pressed pigment ‘Lunar’ pressed carefully on to the centre of the lips as MAC Brooke Candyshown in my selfie here. The MAC artist was very excited to find someone who was adventurous enough to let her try putting a dark blue pigment on the lips like that – apparently everyone in Cardiff only wants nude lips! I had actually gone out with a dark nude lipstick and just a wash of a basic purple shadow (Maybelline Color Tattoo) both applied on the fly in the car. It matches the lipstick surprisingly well! I’m very impressed with how well the Sleek highlighter palette I used has photographed here by the way!


I had a couple of great finds in TK Maxx. The clearance section was particularly forthcoming and we found NARS eye paint in ‘Solomon Islands’ for only £2, two different shades of Maybelline Color Tattoo loose shadows also £2 each. From the regular shelves I chose a Delilah blush & gel eye liner pot.
I wish I knew why TK Maxx is the only place in the UK ever to sell those loose Maybelline eye shadows and even then they are are random finds. I believe Maybelline have discontinued them completely now. I really like loose shadows as they are very versatile, these two are both matte shades which I haven’t tried from this particular Maybelline range before so I’ll be playing with those as soon as I’ve fully recovered from my trip!
Delilah BlushAnyone who follows me on Instagram (@BendyBeauty) will have already seen the beautiful Delilah powder blush as I had to share it straight away!
Delilah are a relatively new British brand with a boutique feel to them. The high end feel is certainly there with this little compact – it even comes in a little fabric pouch like big high end brands. I started wearing it the very next day and it gives me a natural looking flush. As well as this beautiful coral pink blush I got a pot of plum coloured gel eyeliner from the same brand. I haven’t tried it on my eyes yet but the swatch on my arm (all my swatches are at the end of the post) proved very difficult to remove with a make-up wipe so I would suspect it has a lot of staying power and will benefit from the use of an oily eye make-up remover.


W7 Mini Power PuffsIn what was a particularly large branch of Peacocks, we were looking for something else entirely but I stumbled up on the teeny tiny W7 sponges or ‘Mini Power Puffs’ to give them their proper name. They’re slightly larger than the small beauty blenders they are duping and not as soft but come in at a significantly smaller price, their RRP is £5.95 but Peacocks charged me only £3.
I also found the neat little scallop purse in the accessories section – perfect for those of us with an inner mermaid! At home I only have a tiny branch of Peacocks that doesn’t stock any make-up or beauty items or even much in the way of accessories really so I never bother going in!

Product Swatches

'Bond Girl' & 'Tropic'
Charlotte Tilbury ‘Bond Girl’ & NARS ‘Tropic’

'Witching Hour'
MAC Brooke Candy ‘Witching Hour’ & liner in ‘Night Crawler’

Delilah Blush
Delilah blush in ‘Lullaby’

Delilah Gel Liner
Delilah gel liner in ‘Plum’
Eye Products L-R: NARS ‘Solomon Islands’
Maybelline Color Tattoo
in ‘Pink Rebel’ & ‘Brash Blue’

I do enjoy wandering around stores in different cities and discovering that sometimes even the same chain stores can be quite different as Peacocks was in this case.
I was quite disappointed, however, to find that Cardiff’s wonderful arcades have suffered and are losing stores as well as having far fewer shoppers in them. People of Cardiff, please don’t let any more of your wonderful independent stores die! So many towns and cities have lost their small shops now due to the pull of huge new shopping centres. Independent stores are one of the things that help make a city unique and special.

Have any of you had any out of area shopping trips recently? What did you find?


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  1. The Brooke Candy liner & lipstick are amazing! They really suit you too. I’ve been eyeing up a Makeup Revolution dark green shade, I may have to take your lead & treat myself when I have a little money to spare. I love TKMaxx, I just wish I lived near a bigger store. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

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