Look Incredible & Glossybox July 2016

Glossybox July 2016 My ‘Look Incredible’ and ‘Glossybox’ beauty subs boxes have both arrived now!
Both contain a lot of similar stuff to other very recent boxes or just stuff I plain won’t use but there are a couple of gems depending on your personal likes and dislikes…

In terms of Glossybox (and Birchbox too) I am starting to wonder why they bother having ‘beauty profiles’ because they never seem to actually use them for anything… and don’t even ask questions I would consider pertinent such as what your make-up look is and whether you’re a gloss girl or a lipstick girl. At least Look Look Incredible JulyIncredible don’t even pretend to tailor their subs boxes – but then they still haven’t mastered getting the product card to fit into the box so the less said about their production values the better I think!

Both boxes contain all full size products this month:

Inside this month’s Look Incredible was:

Giorgio Armani, Supreme Lasting Wet Lip Shine in ‘Beige 101’, Discontinued?
Armani GlossSeemingly a last-minute substitution as the card tells me I should have an eye pencil which is something I would really have much preferred and a product I would actually use.
Instead I have a glittery nude lip gloss I’ll throw in a draw and eventually give away as I just don’t wear the stuff. Because of this I haven’t swatched this as I don’t want to break the seal – sorry! It looks like it would go well with in the centre of a nude lip for those who do like gloss. I’m pretty sure this gloss is no longer available to buy new as it’s not available on the Armani Beauty website. 

UPDATE: I contacted Look Incredible about the difference between contents and card and they said it was a misprint and in fact no subscribers received the pencil.

Urban Decay, Lush Lash System, Discontinued
Another cheeky discontinued product, and even one that L’Oreal/Urban Decay were sued over in late 2014 when a class action suit for false advertising was launched over claims that the product could increase lash growth. I don’t think the lawsuit got anywhere as I can’t find anything more about it but either way it seems this product and the matching mascara were pulled by Urban Decay some time last year.

Ultrasun Sports SPF50, RRP £24.99
Another spray SPF just like the one from last months Glossybox although from a different brand and in a much more suitable – for me at least – level of protection. This will be coming out should I get the chance to do any sunbathing for sure! Come on summer, we’re still waiting for you!

Nanshy Marvel 4-in-1 Blending Sponge, RRP £5.95
$_57 (1)I haven’t worked out what the 4 things are yet but I’m pretty sure that by now we’re all familiar with make-up sponges and if you’re anything like me you probably have several of them. This one is quite soft – but still much firmer than both the original Beauty Blender (which is my favourite) and the Real Techniques sponge.

Ciate, Corrupted Neon Manicure Set, RRP £9.99
28326887615_1534aa104d_zAnother one of Ciate’s limited edition sets similar to the one we received last month. This one contains a bright pink paint pot in the shade ‘Electronica’, a pot of matching pink glitter that glows under UV light and a mini of Ciate top coat. I’m sure this would create great nails for a night out in a club with UV lighting, I’ll probably pair the pink glitter with a contrasting shade as I’m unlikely to be near any blacklights any time soon!

Inside this month’s Glossybox was:

UTAN & Tone, Nourishing Night Creme, RRP £12.50
This is a night cream that is also a self-tanner… am I the only one who is terrified of this?
In terms of skincare ingredients it contains pro-retinol (as retinyl palmitate), panthenol and hyaluronic acid among its constituents so it seems to stack up on that front. If you’re someone who likes being tanned or uses a lot of bronzer maybe this could be for you but as a certified pale girl I really don’t want a brown face and a white body!
I did use a HeShi self-tan a couple of months ago if you remember, which was nice enough and worked really well but I couldn’t get used to not being my colour and found myself wearing long sleeves until it faded!

Hawaiian Tropic, Island Berry Lip Gloss SPF25, RRP £6.99
Hawaiian Tropic GlossAnother lip gloss for the back of my drawer to have and to hold! This is a sickly looking pink with an equally sickly fragrance – let’s just say, with that smell it wasn’t going anywhere near my mouth…
However, if you like very sweet lipglosses then this one does have sun protection in SPF 25 which is pretty good. One thing I do like is that it’s in a squeezy tube so you’ll be able to get all the product out without too many issues.

Icona Milano, Emotion Allowed mascara, RRP £13.04
And finally, a product I can enthuse over! Every girl needs a waterproof mascara in her make up bag after all.
The wand is pretty unspectacular, it reminds me of the disposable ones that you find everywhere actually. It definitely lives up to its waterproof claims and didn’t smudge when I touched my eye either which is very impressive. Hopefully it’s not a one-off, I’ll definitely be using it again in order to find out.

HAIRON, De-Tangle brush, RRP £6.99
HaironAnd back to deflation… pretty cheap looking de-tangling brush that’s suspiciously like the one Birchbox gave away to everyone a few months back. Not keen on the whole no handle business based on my experience with that one so this will be on my pile to give away too since I already have one basically the same.

Blank Canvas, F20 Flat Brush, RRP £11.95
Blank CanvasDidn’t Glossybox give us a synthetic bristle make-up brush only like two months ago or something?
This one has a slightly glittery pink plastic handle which does actually feel quite nice. The bristles are that same nylon as the other brush; very soft on the tip but plastic feeling in the lengths and quite a few loose ones. On their website they claim to be ‘professional quality’ but based on this one… disposable quality maybe? I wouldn’t be fussed about putting these fibres in alcohol frequently to sanitise them, is that what they mean?

glossy notesAlso tucked inside my box was a little card saying thank you for being a subscriber for a year and a free Glossybox notebook which is quite nice of them.

Over all I’m really not at all thrilled with either of these boxes this month, but I guess that’s the nature of subscription boxes!

My main issue with Look Incredible is the disappointment of not getting the pencil which I would have had a use for and instead getting a substitute gloss and also with getting nail polish for the third box running.
Glossybox has only really one product I am pleased with, the mascara, although I will keep the make-up brush too as it may come in handy at some point as a spare or for college.

Were you happier with your boxes?


3 thoughts on “Look Incredible & Glossybox July 2016

    1. There’s usually at least one thing in that makes it worthwhile having even in disappointing boxes. I’ve never had a box where every single item has been given away, there’s always that one thing like here there’s a mascara I’ll use and the make-up brush will go in my college kit as I won’t fuss about losing it like I would one of my handmade genuinely pro-quality brushes.
      A make-up sponge might be boring to receive but it will get used when one of my others gives up the ghost. Sun protection is also incredibly boring to receive but it’s an expensive item and easily worth the price of any box on it’s own. So I guess it depends how you look at it? Disappointing to open the box, yes as you were hoping for something more immediately exciting but it still often works out in the end. Does that make sense? I do wish they’d stop giving out lip gloss though!

Do let me know your thoughts!

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